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Computer Words:

algorithm analog app application array backup bandwidth binary bit bite bitmap blog blogger bookmark boot broadband browser buffer bug bus byte cache caps lock captcha CD CD-ROM client clip art clip board cloud computing command compile compress computer computer program configure cookie copy CPU cybercrime cyberspace dashboard data data mining database debug decompress delete desktop development digital disk DNS document domain domain name dot dot matrix download drag DVD dynamic email emoticon encrypt encryption enter exabyte FAQ file finder firewall firmware flaming flash flash drive floppy disk flowchart folder font format frame freeware gigabyte graphics hack hacker hardware home page host html hyperlink hypertext icon inbox integer interface Internet IP address iteration Java joystick junk mail kernel key keyboard keyword laptop laser printer link Linux log out logic login lurking Macintosh macro mainframe malware media memory mirror modem monitor motherboard mouse multimedia net network node notebook computer offline online open source operating system option output page password paste path phishing piracy pirate platform plug-in podcast pop-up portal print printer privacy process program programmer protocol queue QWERTY RAM real-time reboot resolution restore ROM root router runtime save scan scanner screen screenshot script scroll scroll bar search engine security server shareware shell shift shift key snapshot social networking software spam spammer spreadsheet spyware status bar storage supercomputer surf syntax table tag teminal template terabyte text editor thread toolbar trash Trojan horse typeface undo Unix upload URL user user interface username utility version virtual virtual memory virus web web host webmaster website widget wiki window Windows wireless word processor workstation World Wide Web worm WWW XML zip

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