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Family Words:

adoption adoptive father adoptive mother ancestor aunt bachelor birth mother blood relative bride bridegroom brother brother-in-law brotherhood brotherly care-giver child childhood children clan close-knit connection cousin dad daddy daughter daughter-in-law descendant devoted divorce eligible engaged engagement estranged ex ex husband ex wife extended family faithful family family tree father father-in-law fiancee first born first cousin first cousin once removed flesh and blood folks foster foster child foster father foster mother foster parent fraternal fraternal twin friend genealogy grampa gramps grandchild grandchildren granddaughter grandfather grandma grandmother grandpa grandparent grandson granny great-aunt great-granddaughter great-grandfather great-grandmother great-grandparent great-grandson great-uncle groom grownup half-brother half-sister heir heiress helpmate hereditary heritage history home household husband identical twin in-law infancy infant inherit inheritance juvenile kin kindred kinfolk kinship kith lineage love loyalty ma maiden name mama marriage mate maternal matriarch matrimony minor Miss mom mommy monogamy mother mother-in-law Mr. Mrs. Ms. nana natal nephew nest newlywed niece nuclear family nuptial nurture offspring orphan pa papa parent partner paternal patriarch pop posterity progenitor progeny quadruplets quads quints quintuplets related relations relative second cousin senior separation sibling single sister sister-in-law sisterhood sisterly son son-in-law spouse stepbrother stepchild stepchildren stepdad stepdaughter stepfather stepmom stepmother stepsister stepson support surrogate mother tribe triplets trust trustworthy twin brother twin sister twins uncle value wed wedding wedlock wife youngster youth

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