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thoroughbred hackney eskimo himalayan crossbred vizsla anadromus miscegenation dragon li leicester rabbitry kin brazilian shorthair bred coachdog saluki cane corso siberian interbreed prothonotary warbler gerbilarium sexually utonagan shikoku sokoke cotswold franklin's gull munchkin koekoea asian ovitrap british semi longhair ojos azules rambouillet redfin brussels griffon kangal crossling ocicat angora hovawart silver fox breeded maine coon scottish terrier oregon rex japanese spitz leonberger norwegian forest cat devon rex alaunt breeds vermination mixed teeswater english shepherd american shorthair parson russell cymric paso fino exmoor houdan chantilly scottish fold micropig breedy afrikander fox terrier generation cairn terrier karelian bear dog angus mating call black forest horse breed in bone japanese bobtail aidi coonhound subbreed race cesky terrier welsh multiply exotic shorthair nonbred pouter flew bavarian mountain hound cama brittany cocker samoyed lipizzan cornish rex american keuda brangus shropshire otterhound stockbreeder working dog breedest anadromous mate underbreed antimiscegenation persian cat trumpeter easter egger cocker spaniel cormo lhasa apso rough collie africanis singapura siamese cat paint horse jacobin breedism saanen hen harrier haras maltese papillon iceland dog new zealand clydesdale catadromous yorkshire pig percheron california spangled cat tonkinese homing pigeon chartreux campine german rex devon loaghtan shetland pony racka american curl longhorn sultan multibreed pisciculturist saarloos wolfdog basenji mexican hairless kerry havana brown red backed shrike american cocker spaniel serengeti cat dominique ill bred monotelic broodstock breeder unbreed water spaniel british shorthair balinese katahdin toy dog american bobtail australian plainhead peterbald entlebucher tyrolean hound fence time radnor smooth fox terrier turkish van sahiwal connemara irish hobby burmese hawker greyhound merino designer dog rebreed trumpeter pigeon duroc stud inbreed cheviot peruvian paso finnhorse somali abyssinian cat barbet mongrelize hybridization toyger turbit boxer intrabreed rockery dobermann pinscher drever german spaniel bring up labrador retriever limousin tupman large white breedable donek bengal heck cattle purebred löwchen strain southdown old english sheepdog pixie bob crossbreed offspring characteristic shire horse fucklet bombay quarter horse russian burmilla black angus white stork manx cat skye terrier miscegenate dovecote ranarium lineage stirpiculture gamodeme sanga antibreeding minskin hamburg chicken schnauzer american saddlebred american wirehair poodle alfalfa poland china dumpy arabian horse rouen chow chow potcake corgi deloul autosexing clumber spaniel microswine intercross australian mist ragamuffin conyger coopworth shorthorn barb patterdale langshan texel well bred jersey aberdeen angus blackface outbreed sphynx morgan skookum breedeth rear romney missouri fox trotter wire fox terrier dachshund amphidromous oriental shorthair bull terrier terrier puppy mill bastard lowbred brahman spaniel canaan dog saint bernard lionhead rabbit spitz verminate komondor british longhair ancon abyssinian egyptian mau pekin duck berkshire gestation crate turkish angora weed gun dog shetland russian blue birman harehound silkie nonbreeding pacer borzoi cavachon tosa ostiole laperm snowshoe akita horsebreeder new forest pony arab boarhound crossmate zuchon dexter bankhar montadale lady incross javanese thalestris île de france tamworth shiba inu newfoundland breeding ground european shorthair hound breed in and in collie norfolk spaniel shar pei manx mastiff andalusian testcross roller issue chianina selkirk rex herdwick korat froggery swedish vallhund asian semi longhair mutt chihuahua icelandic horse chondrodystrophoid oriental longhair lop breeding hybrid bulldog farm read animal



breed strain stock

Definition: a special variety of domesticated animals within a species; "he experimented on a particular breed of white rats"; "he created a new strain of sheep"


Definition: a special type; "Google represents a new breed of entrepreneurs"

Definition: All animals or plants of the same species or subspecies.


engender breed spawn

Definition: call forth

breed cover

Definition: copulate with a female, used especially of horses; "The horse covers the mare"


Definition: cause to procreate (animals); "She breeds dogs"

breed multiply

Definition: have young (animals) or reproduce (organisms); "pandas rarely breed in captivity"

Definition: To produce offspring sexually; to bear young.

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