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johnno suzie moe dimwit abbi shell isy biddie wazza missy mac endearment jed dot seb ollie riband gord peg chic fran syd wally lawrie essie mort sol nate jilly lafe gus mae cy nattie diminutiveness stef jerri kristie arty alf hallie terry tad scotty ish bennie sal mo del don hal diminutives juley diminutize reggie len ed jo judie rickie stephie kath milly diminutivization pip law steffi jonty teddie minnie gerry nikki charley bart walt jezza davey robby lilibet abie cris fannie bristlet flocculent nard stace pammie catie gracie nat mendy frannie prissy diminutivize batt lexi bert pammy hop o my thumb al smallness bobbie kristy pauly louie jez nats gabby den bobbi jeannie hettie nettie alfy ebbie jennie mags cliff gabe steffie bertie babs di gail cottise le tribelet geri jen randy pippa cait nic shaz trev small hughie kitty murph lil huey suzi patty dai sue doll jeri diminish ant nomen deminutivum jenny beth rog patsy merry phemie jinny aggie gordo robbi ali dwarfling cary teddy lenny eddy allie youth ally caressive francie sies lou paulie bossling unimportance nondiminutive floy clem mickey kevvy cecie trish tricia danny diminution fairyland susy robbo reg suze bridie jackie bodikin kris abbie suzy prue bendlet dicky vinnie meggie spathilla debby dwarflike debbie hetty penny jody runty nell christy cass worldkin maxie flo tine vik mamie billy addie tash barrulet cate let scottie millie stu nessie sandy jeff mikey baz bev abi benjy tillie dolly krissy cat willie chip kev geoff stew markie emmy ive gerri susie lizzie denny maxy eddie roxy couple close lettie positive mat pam stevie sawney gene ash steff chris steffy evie ellie dodie bessie willy squamella rosie fan dani heinie josie livvy rudy diminutival artie paleola benjie ron franny diminutization ing connie lauri diminutively endorse kezza rickey laurie bette kit bets trudy trangle emmie nando freddy kez rube meg davy cassie little mere




Definition: a word that is formed with a suffix (such as -let or -kin) to indicate smallness

Definition: A word form expressing smallness, youth, unimportance, or endearment.


bantam diminutive lilliputian midget petite tiny flyspeck

Definition: very small; "diminutive in stature"; "a lilliputian chest of drawers"; "her petite figure"; "tiny feet"; "the flyspeck nation of Bahrain moved toward democracy"

Definition: Very small.

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