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ear cinquefoil notopodium auriculate bifid bilobate hepatolobectomy lobelike lobulus perilobular pars tuberalis pleural lobe axial lobe polylobed pinnatipartite intralobe polymorphonuclear succenturiate extralobar pedatifid lobotomy quadrilobate wing polylobate lobed metabranchial hyperlobular supercardioid lobate lobelet pinnatisect trilobate lobeless tréflé gauge nates equilobate perilobar gross anatomy glabellum pinnatilobate multilobate fluke plume moth loma coelacanth multilobed metapodium sexfoil octofoil scapulet interlobar homocercal brain deutocerebrum adenohypophysis floscularian epistome trilobar sarcopterygian antehypophysis mesogastric lobectomy obsagittate laciniate ice traube's space quinquelobate lobation lobar palmatifid projection unilobed lobule fanfoot parietoinsular neurointermediate holoprosencephaly haplostele metagastric quadrilobed midlobe lung bilobectomy neuropodium mala palmatisect flocculus white oak quatrefoil heterocerc granny's fanny laciniation sublobar gliomatosis cerebri palmate organ triparted lobing bilobated hastate isthmectomy dumbbell curve quinquelobed optocoele posthypophysis microlobate epipodium hypocercal septfoil giant quasar bilobar amplexicaul interlobe unilobar trilobated flocculonodular lobe inequilobate translobar trilobite paragnathus lobately lobal calycophyll semicircular interlobate actinostele neurohypophysis division arolium heterocercy intralobar lobus cinquefoiled multilobe unilobular urogastric parietooccipital lyrate sagittate cross bottony pinnatifid multilobar pedate liver palmatipartite pituicyte aurited pattern bilobal alobar




Definition: (anatomy) a somewhat rounded subdivision of a bodily organ or part; "ear lobe"


Definition: (botany) a part into which a leaf is divided


Definition: the enhanced response of an antenna in a given direction as indicated by a loop in its radiation pattern


Definition: a rounded projection that is part of a larger structure

Definition: Any projection or division, especially one of a somewhat rounded form.

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