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see view glance eyes watch observe seeing window action eye find search care seek stare appearance butcher perk scanned leer look for keep eye out despection pay attention looked side eye looks browse peep bly seem appear looksome eyeball steely eyed keek nosy overlook tunnel vision sneak preview fiddlefart lookit beseem eyeful photogenic glance away pry butcher's childmind deeksies oversee lapsus oculi smicker hold phone unlooked at luke look’d peer get load of peephole find work visual gledge unlooking deek steal glance manifest consider geek look back claf squint gaze glimpse prink eye rhyme relook beady eyed espy cast about belook captain cook express looky summon up look up to expression deeky underlook blee make over resight shapely attempt sheep's eye oi oi glim stickybeak try on giss try dekko look at lo impression facial undersee afterlook behold death stare cua stink eye mislook twinkle in one's father's eye slant rummage root about young by peep goo goo eyes regard viseme kerosenish look up head turner twire looky loo sight peek viewing use use eyes sense eye action reading with eyes watching like see like vision protect point pretty observing visual sense listen sea beauty function eye function glare glance see see view hunt read active active seeing staring movement eye movement watch observe street sight action respect examine see things binoculars eye search smile activity appearance glance searching eye activity peer at vain review sky investigation mind style danger landscape over there over open eyes there open microscope notice rear doll dictionary stern intently gaze intently at number silk wax fashion ohs two ohs two too see too design compliment glasses eyes do do observe something peering at peering glancing observe see see observe viewing action regard view watch at fancy visual moment view see see watch see with moment sneer



expression look aspect facial expression face

Definition: the feelings expressed on a person's face; "a sad expression"; "a look of triumph"; "an angry face"

look looking looking at

Definition: the act of directing the eyes toward something and perceiving it visually; "he went out to have a look"; "his look was fixed on her eyes"; "he gave it a good looking at"; "his camera does his looking for him"


Definition: physical appearance; "I don't like the looks of this place"

spirit tone feel feeling flavor flavour look smell

Definition: the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people; "the feel of the city excited him"; "a clergyman improved the tone of the meeting"; "it had the smell of treason"

Definition: The action of looking; an attempt to see.



Definition: perceive with attention; direct one's gaze towards; "She looked over the expanse of land"; "Look at your child!"; "Look--a deer in the backyard!"

look appear seem

Definition: give a certain impression or have a certain outward aspect; "She seems to be sleeping"; "This appears to be a very difficult problem"; "This project looks fishy"; "They appeared like people who had not eaten or slept for a long time"


Definition: have a certain outward or facial expression; "How does she look?"; "The child looks unhappy"; "She looked pale after the surgery"

search look

Definition: search or seek; "We looked all day and finally found the child in the forest"; "Look elsewhere for the perfect gift!"

front look face

Definition: be oriented in a certain direction, often with respect to another reference point; be opposite to; "The house looks north"; "My backyard look onto the pond"; "The building faces the park"

attend take care look see

Definition: take charge of or deal with; "Could you see about lunch?"; "I must attend to this matter"; "She took care of this business"


Definition: convey by one's expression; "She looked her devotion to me"

expect look await wait

Definition: look forward to the probable occurrence of; "We were expecting a visit from our relatives"; "She is looking to a promotion"; "he is waiting to be drafted"


Definition: accord in appearance with; "You don't look your age!"

count bet depend swear rely bank look calculate reckon

Definition: have faith or confidence in; "you can count on me to help you any time"; "Look to your friends for support"; "You can bet on that!"; "Depend on your family in times of crisis"

Definition: To try to see, to pay attention to with one’s eyes.

Definition: As an intransitive verb, often with "at".

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