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balderdash drivel talk shit piddle nonsince balls folderol bullplop crapology sense wank talk out of one's ass tommyrot shtus batcrap bullfuck garbage gumpth talk through one's hat no matter how thin you slice it it's still baloney bullshit phooey hogwash motherfuckery drool hokum twaddling get up yard bilge horse piss bullsnot nonsenseth bambosh spoof fuckery lol flapdoodle non sense gammon and spinach poppycock outbullshit balatron eleventeen footle twaddle jive kibosh lollygag nonsenses talk shite flimflam full of shit fiddlefart fudge tosh cobblers bushwah mashugana horse hockey bosh bolloxology missense jimjam bull gravy hocus pocus nonsensical nonsensest humbug nonsensing galimatias bunkum reason malarkey fiddledeedee jabberwocky piffle unsense rubbish fadaise mullock nonsinse batshit bulldust gumph blow smoke fiddlesticks flubdub ball wtfery eyewash fandangle horsefeathers morology hooey bunk blatherskite applesauce rigmarole my aunt fanny framis flimflammery bullpoop bullswool fiddle faddle nertz codswallop mumbo jumbo pap nonsensed flapdoodler blah bull horse cock bullshit artist horsecrap rannygazoo tush rameish mishigas horse pucky chat shit trumpery rot rabble illogical slipslop bandini banana oil claptrappery pish posh gobbledygook shit flummadiddle unreason amphigory skimble skamble fol de rol moonshine gibberish santorum meep baloney shitpiss bollocks more like pseudo english claptrap pigswill greeking silliness stuff utter rubbish utter stuff and ridiculous garbled garbled stuff draw silk crock silly



nonsense bunk nonsensicality meaninglessness hokum

Definition: a message that seems to convey no meaning

Definition: Letters or words, in writing or speech, that have no meaning or pattern or seem to have no meaning.


Definition: To make nonsense of;


nonsense nonsensical

Definition: having no intelligible meaning; "nonsense syllables"; "a nonsensical jumble of words"

Definition: Nonsensical.

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