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photostatistics dropleton condensate planck's constant nanosquid multithreaded excitation deconfine present qubyte magnon work smallest planck area roton quantum theory quantical fermion hypercharge fuzzball nonquantum quanta classicalization degenerate bose einstein condensate tunnel diode decision amount quantumly predecoherence subentropy qudit discorrelated mictomagnetism multipartite geometrogenesis minihole torsiton metron liquid helium plasmon doublet quantity entangled quantumness quasi probability wheeler dewitt equation boson qutrit paleoclassical document chromodynamics autoscattering quadexciton pseudovacuum amplitude spectroscopy subvacuum propagator fano effect hydrogen spectrum subdynamics magnetoplasmon higgs field bispinor available classicalize microworld phenomenon superactivation quantum foam classical judge quantize pinning quantum information science singlet einselection photon manifoldness disexcitation hydrogen spectral series pseudospin environment fock space biexciton anyon shor's algorithm ergotropy phonon decoherence quantum information theory vibron quantal photochemical reaction pseudo telepathy graph state eigenpolarization quantumlike semiquantum superinsulation indivisible sudden magic number fluctuator thread discrete quantum computer multiquanta occupation number triexciton chronon genomathematics stagelike superaction superarrival casimir force quanton possible sentence qubit quantum process tomography translon significant deexcitation superposition spin




Definition: a discrete amount of something that is analogous to the quantities in quantum theory


Definition: (physics) the smallest discrete quantity of some physical property that a system can possess (according to quantum theory)

Definition: The total amount of something; quantity.


Definition: Of a change, sudden or discrete, without intermediate stages.

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