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wildcat well wildcat

Definition: an exploratory oil well drilled in land not known to be an oil field

beast wolf savage brute wildcat

Definition: a cruelly rapacious person


Definition: any small or medium-sized cat resembling the domestic cat and living in the wild

Definition: A cat that lives in the wilderness, specifically

Definition: Felis silvestris, a common small Old World wild cat somewhat larger than a house cat.


Definition: To drill for oil in an area where no oil has been found before.



Definition: outside the bounds of legitimate or ethical business practices; "wildcat currency issued by irresponsible banks"; "wildcat stock speculation"; "a wildcat airline"; "wildcat life insurance schemes"

unauthorized unauthorised wildcat

Definition: without official authorization; "an unauthorized strike"; "wildcat work stoppage"


Definition: (of a mine or oil well) drilled speculatively in an area not known to be productive; "drilling there would be strictly a wildcat operation"; "a wildcat mine"; "wildcat drilling"; "wildcat wells"

Definition: Of or concerning businesses operating outside standard or legitimate practice, especially:

Definition: Of or concerning irresponsible banks or banking, (particularly) small, independent operations.

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