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Ancient greek

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classical studies old greek pycnon tau adverbial accusative azania seven sages desiderative arcadocypriot greek athenian parabasis adamos status mixtus tetralemma various oxia homer o maza kyathos homeric greek anacrisis cynic sophrosyne cyrene hyperdorism sigma stadium aeolic xi attic greek prytaneum hydriske episkyros form hippeus homerian hypatia archilochian syrma theseus loutrophoros aorist tense modern greek octaeteris didrachma optative atticism grassmann's law mastos polyhymnian kykeon classical doxographer hyperatticism particularly askos conistra parodos pandura pythagoras xiphos attic aryballos ionic classics koine exomis presocratic probouleutic upsilon emmeleia paragraphos herostratus decachord hyacinthian lydion spiritus asper koppa hellenicist classical antiquity pankration zephyrus epictetian stephane doxography orchestra imbrex amphitryonic literature prodromos peridrome smooth breathing anaximanderian peripteros peristasis drachma glyconian psi neo hellenism ancient greece lebes pamphylian menippean tempean thesmophoria rho aeolic greek greeklike methexis polybian ionic greek archimedes language theophrastus metic hyperionism doxographic plutus paulo post futurum kalpis dinos xenophonian panathenaea omega boeotian heta heraclitan languette spiritus lenis epirrhema hellene chorea ploutos cumae phorminx kotyliskos typhoean stamnos eleatic apollonian phlegethontic thalesian omicron sphendone opson procris proslambanomenos delphian median past iterative greek pre greek lebes gamikos klismos classical greek lakaina dialect hyperaeolism selinunte phiale havelockian psykter pindaresque calydon comma pindarian lucianic spurious diphthong zoilean hetaerism holmos hellenicity cynical daedalic



Ancient Greek

Definition: the Greek language prior to the Roman Empire

Definition: A native or inhabitant of Ancient Greece.


Definition: Alternative letter-case form of ancient Greek

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