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seven number nine after after seven before before nine two seven nine four six infinity fours two fours octapartite octostichous eighth rowing boat octuplet octennial eightsman octan octaeteric eightpence snowman 8 cox race octocentenary octovirate eight off eightish octophobia ogdoad octoechos octastich octandrous ninety eight octopodous octopetalous crew one fat lady octaval octeract eighty eight octagram octoradiated toccer octarchy octaeteris octahedron octo oldsmobile octogamy oktoeight octonocular island rower appendix:cardinal numbers 0 to 9 eighty value octofoil tout octofid octoradiate eight top octocopter octapolar eightsome octosporous hovera octolateral bagua octapla octateuch crazy eights raquel welch octamerous eightling rowing figure of eight octostyle numerical octathlon seventy eight river octopus octuple octuplex figure of eight knot octospermous ait eightsies octa octad eighteen octastyle eights octet octocellular nundine eightness octogram octogynous octopartite octagonal oar section 8 astadiggaja dead man's hand six seven minus twice four twice one circles two circles figure above seven above nine minus stop between counting greater seven greater sideways over over seven octagon spider numbers work between seven four four dozen integer infinity sideways symbol pieces of pieces sides octagon sides piano digit legs enough and nine box under skating than morning even seven and infinity symbol pool pool ball ball sideways infinity double double four gallon fingers all fingers hexagon racetrack flea and larger larger seven numeral size octagon number six and one digit seven one minus four two four two cubed cubed ten under ten below nine below skating figure bit octopus legs than seven than nine under nine figure skating infinite sign even number octopus arms arms doubled four doubled follows seven symbol infinity follows



eight 8 VIII eighter eighter from Decatur octad ogdoad octonary octet

Definition: the cardinal number that is the sum of seven and one

Ashcan School Eight

Definition: a group of United States painters founded in 1907 and noted for their realistic depictions of sordid aspects of city life

eight-spot eight

Definition: one of four playing cards in a deck with eight pips on the face

Definition: The digit/figure 8.

Definition: Alternative spelling of ait (island in a river)


eight 8 viii

Definition: being one more than seven

Definition: Obsolete spelling of eighth

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