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room bed horse table chair five dog gallon number day car eight box three square month count sheep animal house hand quadruplicate quadbit yueqin quadrivalent sagan four eyed quadruple tetramerism tetrakis legomenon quadripedal broderick crawford tetracoccous septimole batsman shroud laid quadriga four master year tetragametic quadrangle quarter steganopodous tetramolecular quartet four footed string quartet quadruplex tetralogy of fallot tetrastylon tetradactyly mess six quadripaschal quadrigeminal quadriform train of four rule of four tetradite tetrapous length quaternion ukulele cater quattuorvirate fourth quadrisecant tetrameter trimonthly little dick fisher quadripolar carfax tetradactylous qid nones quadrimolecular common time quad bike ides quadrupedally tetra kartefour tetraradiate quadrupedal two cultural anthropology tetraxile tetrarchy olympiad methera quadriphyllous quadriaxial tetracarpellary boundary quadrifarious tetrathlon four color theorem quadriarticulate fower quadricorn phaeton quadrad tetraphonic unit quadrinate proceleusmatic rouf tetraplegia tetrapolar tessara quadrigeminy tetragenous fourhandedly tetrapterous tetrasemic gospel four top fourspine tetracube tetrahedron quaternal tetrastichous tetrapetalous quadritubercular wagon quadri four door quadrella fourpiece fourish four fifths numerical quadrilemma tetraphyllous quadruplication tetrastich tetrakis power forward mether portastudio tetraphobia rotator cuff venti tetrapodous scull tetrabranchiate tetradarchy fourfooted tetrachotomous mickey mouse glove quadripara anemoi snark tetragynous tetrapartite run fourhanded fours otto cycle digit tetraschistic quadripartition fourness event figure jesse james quadrathlon quadrinomial decima quadrennium tetrapolis quaternity quadripartite tetraeterid quadricellular quadricornous tetragonal tetromino four wheel tetrad quadruplicity tetralogy quadruple star system quartumvirate fourfold quadruply wagon wheel appendix:cardinal numbers 0 to 9 tetraspermous quadruplexing foursies quadridirectional value quadrisulcate 4 tetrathecal 4 4 quadfurcation tetramorph four cycle quadrennial tetrasepalous rectangle desk cow squirrel dollar general even paper card side after after three clover trapezoid cat pig jeep hour wheel bear body window feet home automobile weather rhombus ago cell seat independent violin wall bass feline college office mule button highway band oil puppy stool napkin carriage chicken door air camel class board fire liter crowd cube picture pie mark fail deer drive stop lock mile tractor family rabbit lizard mole captain darkness rule therefore stanza cross finger early page a rank equal undergraduate deck case mammal



four-spot four

Definition: a playing card or domino or die whose upward face shows four pips

Definition: The digit or figure 4; an occurrence thereof.


four 4 iv

Definition: being one more than three

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