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pet animal flea canine woof bark tail wolf friend cat puppy barking bone four house legs best domestic woof woof pet animal canine animal four legs god pup best friend mammal canine pet mexican hairless bow wow household fox furry house pet barking animal barks kennel mans domestic animal household pet backwards family fur god backwards family pet swim paws bow dare hound lead dog trilostane bearhound harehound leash dogsled dogsicle schutzhund alpha dog mushing chinese zodiac rowf otterhound demiwolf barghest feed dog dog meat feather lundehund airedale terrier grey wolf doggy löwchen galaxy years jack russell pedigree heelwork bitch dogged mastiff dropper weredog whelp terrier monestrous zuchon cone zoomies dithiazanine iodide dogling atipamezole nondog courser guide dog feist yorkie dogcow dogdom toboggan dogship mops antidog aidi cynocephalus basset hound debark dull doglover knocknobbler chute dogging doga dogwise cattle dog doggy paddle africanis eskimo english shepherd glomerular lipidosis domesticated black and tan mobile phone japanese spitz dermatofibrosis foxhunt rake foxhound dogsit snowdog graphic panosteitis canicross manstopper scent pad walk dog swing dog bawty aroo unattractive ratchet piroplasma poodle oclacitinib dog fur leam dogsitter robigalia furkid racetrack cynologist cynophobic coward irish terrier woman click hemangiosarcoma dogproof dogness pooch rottweiler 🐕 rough collie granddog hub dog bone swedish vallhund dogeater boy canid neuticles human ki yi baskervillean bench boxador houndsman cynomorphism muttrimony draghound flews deerhound bork patterdale bulldog corgi choodle dogo argentino puppy mill baiting kuvasz pallet undogged vizsla cynophile yap king charles spaniel lhasa apso bouvier des flandres trialler dogskin dogitude dogly xoloitzcuintli obscured ragger nureongi album graecum doggie door siberian husky chinese calendar harefoot topline cynocephaly work dog entlebucher central asian ovcharka dog run pekie borzoi tyke cynanthropy caniphobia foreface fox terrier gytrash multidog doglore conchectomy greyhound mad dog cocker spaniel cyanthropy jackpotting pimobendan chiweenie dogcatcher caninophile rach pulegone crocotta shar pei lassie deracoxib merrigan sire dachshund chug rott boston terrier loo robodog bowser french bulldog golden retriever cynology staghound bark mitzvah dobermann floof ranger cynomorphic dogward pig jawed leonberger doggily iceland dog canophilia singing dog rottie ratting dogless woofer pugeranian towser bull terrier black dog syndrome lurcher turnspit at fault roundabout dog bankhar caniform boarhound cerberus on fice german spaniel phone pit bull terrier piblokto papillon elkhound utonagan foo dog american cocker spaniel pig dog wheel dog schipperke maropitant jack russell terrier dog paddle pupperino karelian bear dog fielder alsatian man dogs cynophobia chow chow rescue dog cur dirlotapide bedog seizure dog labradane chondrodystrophoid button ear labrador retriever dhole doglike canophilist bitser four legged friend muttnik saluki whippet digital hatch lytta houndly ratter maltese hellhound tuggy paneosteitis kangal shiba inu dog nosed barbet moppet poop bag doghood windlass doggo st hubert's key leamer catmill apricot cavachon cynophilist fice dog foot dogspeak dog nose clofenapate tulip eared dogese pupperware follow hounds poochie alco vulpine dust racegoer german shepherd canis major cynocephalic hoond rat pit yarr screen chihuahua hot dog covert hound puppy pregnancy syndrome yorkipoo canicular log dog dirt sheath dog shit coonhound saint bernard doghole rose ear foo lion underdog cyno flea bag designer dog ankle biter chiengora mitratapide flew dogote coursing pooper scooper hovawart saarloos wolfdog orthrus cefovecin sleuthhound horny dog bread cocker malemute hunter hungarian hound pom laelaps puggy lapponian herder canis lupus familiaris rover cane corso lenormand dogging bench show rangeliosis basenji potcake crotch schnauzer feist dog doggy woggy double nosed andean tiger hound puppy dog alaunt dogwhip puppysit shikoku american bulldog trundletail pyometra wobbler disease dogleg creeper dog biscuit sheepdog dogtrot samoyed starter point labradoodle husky coachdog collie hunting dog heeler dithiazanine girl dobermann pinscher goofy coydog briard spitz dognap puggish baby pariah dog shug monkey buansuah cats wow loyal beagle domestic pet collar animal pet mans friend big big puppy canine friend wagging tail wagging owner fleas sheep barking pet come common pet common teeth beagle hound enemy domesticated animal home stay obedience conformation show dog food bark bark ears reward man friend pe four paws animal canine small mans best friendly rap wolf wolf large household animal grown grown puppy people furry animal puppies stick wolves faithful animal faithful master animal furry four legged legged roll goof horse hair frank animal barks lupine cat enemy doghouse large cat mutt whistle pet canine home animal muzzle yelp chaser cat chaser treat spike biscuit cat hater hater per k nine k nine loyal animal fuzzy wet nose nose wet ruff nip cats enemy woof animal pets house animal hairy pet barking it barks tics coyote bark woof chief cat and spot good good pet reverse reverse god teeth tail neuter small horse cute courage humans guard homes houses typical pet stupid typical puppy parent parent sorry pet sorry canine pooch creature furry creature pluto shepherd snoopy bark bite bite furry pet cats and loyal pet command pet woof stroke shake chow companionship domestic wolf excuse fluffy hunting parks canines polish woof bark pastor admiral tail barks tail ears loyalty old leach max old puppy legs tail loving little little horse pig small fox mean bow bow minister wash companion animal companion wiggle fun general feline animal general canine feline household et et friendly mammal critter bark animal fetching hound animal animal tail tailed animal tailed barking fetching flea animal duck small animal domesticated wolf attack labrador pact wolf family retriever chinchilla large puppy best pet raining pet puppy raining cat herd smell reply



dog domestic dog Canis familiaris

Definition: a member of the genus Canis (probably descended from the common wolf) that has been domesticated by man since prehistoric times; occurs in many breeds; "the dog barked all night"

frump dog

Definition: a dull unattractive unpleasant girl or woman; "she got a reputation as a frump"; "she's a real dog"


Definition: informal term for a man; "you lucky dog"

cad bounder blackguard dog hound heel

Definition: someone who is morally reprehensible; "you dirty dog"

frank frankfurter hotdog hot dog dog wiener wienerwurst weenie

Definition: a smooth-textured sausage of minced beef or pork usually smoked; often served on a bread roll

pawl detent click dog

Definition: a hinged catch that fits into a notch of a ratchet to move a wheel forward or prevent it from moving backward

andiron firedog dog dog-iron

Definition: metal supports for logs in a fireplace; "the andirons were too hot to touch"

Definition: Initialism of digital on-screen graphic.

Definition: A mammal, Canis familiaris or Canis lupus familiaris, that has been domesticated for thousands of years, of highly variable appearance due to human breeding.


chase chase after trail tail tag give chase dog go after track

Definition: go after with the intent to catch; "The policeman chased the mugger down the alley"; "the dog chased the rabbit"

Definition: To pursue with the intent to catch.

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