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fish animal bird monster being creator creation bat living general squirrel black lagoon lagoon black faeling undead demonspawn pinionists infrahuman creatural space environment fiji mermaid loch ness monster sea monster vorpalize boggard owlbear scruffball prodigy cratur creatureless dependent firebreather corpse to be infusoria skvader naga marool homeotherm champ pseudodragon manipogo geophage bottom feeder submarium bogey bem planetcide embolomere spokescreature guy memphre saddleback bigfoot grindylow wight squonk mothman doghead creepoid hellspawn ornithoid injure ophiotaurus totem exoskeleton creationistic shapechanger imped migrator chupacabras merperson opinicus sidehill gouger manimal creaturekind creatureship multicorn cyclops wild haggis darkling pixiu sooterkin mon creaturely bug boo orc mechanical merman it mercreature salamander devil mumak marmennill ogopogo creative north american wood ape jersey devil igopogo catoblepas arboreal dementor hircocervus origenism creatures fleshling faun create wonderbeast thing bioassay bandersnatch critter sasquatch things that go bump in night goblin netherling pondlife eobiont mouth amigurumi merchild creaturedom human greenskin nahuelito watersheep madling teletubby sphinx cryptid craytur wormling lightning bird simurgh goldtail manaia bigfin insectoid colossus creaturelike ronyon toxic waste merlion good folk chimera vampire herpetoid chinese dragon manthing shoggoth skunk ape cephalochordate bogie golem creaturehood subservient mole living thing term bear general term any animals general animal any animal living being urchin barnacle snail rabbit strange sheep beast great small great small fur seal microbe goat unknown generic animal generic frog animal being mermaid strange animal oyster fairy life nymph giant baby sponge shark walrus unknown being elf whale dog legs cat nondescript animal nondescript alien angel descriptive scary descriptive term scary animal describing describing animals nature animal nature habit dryad animal reptile reptile like beast like features strange features monster critter swamp swamp thing fantasy size any size created animal created house pet goat house who worm ugly wild wild animals living things unknown animal living animal animal insect insect monstrous animal monstrous generic animal



animal animate being beast brute creature fauna

Definition: a living organism characterized by voluntary movement

creature wight

Definition: a human being; `wight' is an archaic term

creature tool puppet

Definition: a person who is controlled by others and is used to perform unpleasant or dishonest tasks for someone else

Definition: A living being; an animal.

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