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judicial assembly council germanic a thing object it grouping folkmoot boiling frog link property son of bitch convenience pisspot shiznit pseudoconcept whosit stale stupe lesser substantive source whole shebang thinghood anachronism complicating herein sticking point thingish entity favored leitmotif identifyee thisness jumbo extroversion quaternion puppy presenter dumb ass amalgam possessions everything all sizzle and no steak husting beast thinger dominand buster shit few whole shitting match real right animal par excellence jobbie force exorcism dogpile jobber epithet deal series thingman distinctive being group creature da kine factor exorcise concept fanny magnet deviant sticking place problem thingstead convertible c sucker thingification penis hathos vamp thinglike something remeid sploitation phenomenon favourite conglomerate culprit tinker's damn own side exorcize criterion boggard crux colossus cosmological argument preference bogey penny packet schmear fashion sextet nonthing one mana bog lightning rod that one ana caddy kenning this one noun curate's egg cordon chose false alarm nothing sinsign meaning thingmy name living thingness penultimate oddity monstrosity quality efficient cause personification guy dilemma thingify job corporeal teutonomania mystique popularly dealie abhorrence system booger drown mononym niceling jingbang equipment monomania compete latest pile up referent tyrant thinglet there must be something in water individual lawspeaker vividity fad thingy thingal clothes analysis symbol er pleasure collective noun thang status quo dominium pair transmit sign word exceptionality good job exist hideling necessary evil toy plate boat sand eye lock product plant page paper article napkin enemy bed desk person box place bat item bell wool person place birthday swim minute chord play nest machine idea book body science crown silver stuff describing describing stuff refrigerator declare avalanche instructor freedom sock wax fuel daughter flower colour festivity accord general object general




Definition: a special situation; "this thing has got to end"; "it is a remarkable thing"


Definition: an action; "how could you do such a thing?"


Definition: a special abstraction; "a thing of the spirit"; "things of the heart"


Definition: an artifact; "how does this thing work?"


Definition: an event; "a funny thing happened on the way to the..."

matter affair thing

Definition: a vaguely specified concern; "several matters to attend to"; "it is none of your affair"; "things are going well"


Definition: a statement regarded as an object; "to say the same thing in other terms"; "how can you say such a thing?"


Definition: an entity that is not named specifically; "I couldn't tell what the thing was"


Definition: any attribute or quality considered as having its own existence; "the thing I like about her is ..."


Definition: a special objective; "the thing is to stay in bounds"


Definition: a persistent illogical feeling of desire or aversion; "he has a thing about seafood"; "she has a thing about him"


Definition: a separate and self-contained entity

Definition: A public assembly or judicial council in a Germanic country.

Definition: That which is considered to exist as a separate entity, object, quality or concept.


Definition: To express as a thing; to reify.

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