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nonperson essentialism demurrer group functor classifying morphism thinger member function disk threeside object complement verb object vrml vade mecum anything artifact transcendental ego urim and thummim objects method tritransitive tayammum monomania cutensil spot difference selfsameness callable japonaiserie subobject request for production whatnot tap into radar bail gin matchbox sign metaphor arrastão phantasos frob eclipse kinetic art yantra interstice polyonym subitize doorstop objecthood surrogate key meaning adverbialism future hitscan constructor checkers betoken inclined plane respawner universal morphism citizen assets inverse system new criticism dao voice polyorama anamorphosis demur abaft pandemonism life linus blanket faith aberration of light universal instrument attractive nuisance ambient line of nodes ephemera mechaphilia instance big boy rubber duck debugging aeronautics shelf trajector phenomenon percussion fuse street furniture patress preambivalent outgrow 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incantated cardboarding belike depersonalize objectionist oscillopsia book table mass moon machine bullet generic card chair glass eye box statue bat shape bell carry sphere refuse generic thing price package person line sun record cake projectile target generic item egg can handle picture weight board complain rock stage heavy star seat top term generic term crown bolt scale tin metal something slide wave paper letter flower bottom atom watch its head refusal crane kite flag napkin any cross any thing desk in court court product buy or an classification car sign size sand prey lure tool form push find mirror trapezoid coal clock window



object physical object

Definition: a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow; "it was full of rackets, balls and other objects"

aim object objective target

Definition: the goal intended to be attained (and which is believed to be attainable); "the sole object of her trip was to see her children"


Definition: (grammar) a constituent that is acted upon; "the object of the verb"


Definition: the focus of cognitions or feelings; "objects of thought"; "the object of my affection"


Definition: (computing) a discrete item that provides a description of virtually anything known to a computer; "in object-oriented programming, objects include data and define its status, its methods of operation and how it interacts with other objects"

Definition: A thing that has physical existence.



Definition: express or raise an objection or protest or criticism or express dissent; "She never objected to the amount of work her boss charged her with"; "When asked to drive the truck, she objected that she did not have a driver's license"


Definition: be averse to or express disapproval of; "My wife objects to modern furniture"

Definition: To disagree with or oppose something or someone; (especially in a Court of Law) to raise an objection.

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