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dish food eating round dinner flat bowl china saucer eat circle table crockery utensil dinnerware serving surface ceramic off disc holder disk dining kitchen circular flat dish ware baseball round dish eating dish food holder item home eaten frisbee setting fork food on tableware flat bowl container record baseball home eating surface on table eat off dinner dish eat on dishware round flat eating off holds for food dinner ware object place for eating flat round big large serving dish like server eating on glass eating utensil large saucer holds food eat from white flatware tables food dish porcelain base spoon under eaten off table setting shape holding food holding serving food round china knife big saucer dinner holder under food cupboard vessel eating from food container fitted form scleroderm course winner vacuum tube zinco at bat slide horizontal duograph ossicle epiphysiodesis home plate neuroesthesioblastoma plateman moton cerography trench plate anaptychus ortho headplate wet plate dorsal melanonychia photoetch codpiece agenda photogelatin clypeate brisket japanese paper papula platewise basicosta pterygomaxillary picnicware bolster uniform dam plate endstone copy matrix mouth photomechanical scales physis calorimotor chemitype stereotypography epiplastron capsquare split finger fastball walling wax hat photochronograph opercle mail license stereotype slice platescape blue plate special perambulator barbell toeplate plateware musquash melotype plating horseshoe bow compass placula trilaminar anilox armour miniplate almain rivet placo gula electrotype syntergosternite tuille backplate blakey albertype dining leaf batter prize plate number coil dinnerplate duotype racehorse teeth sill monaster photoetching sap shield subductive turtle postscutellum metal plate paper endothorax nap keyplate keyguard framing tectonics aquatint basisternum silver bath platé photographometer welt nameplate skidplate tondino chilidium megathrust electrolysis fretboard rocker slipper tintinnabulum strike plate bilamellate tide dial shaped photographic plate argent crusta espauliere prosternum lead copperplate felt grain epaulette intraplate wrist plate baleen multiwell discus epijugal septum platelike material cerotype front door cancellus lamina plater soleplate river plate lithosphere hypandrium sundial short ribs solleret muffin set table billboard unplated laminable subcaudal sternite palmarium assiette plaquet seg throatplate remarque circumhorizontal arc aluminography genouillère electrotypist vertical exercise eau forte nobili's rings repoussage malleation waffle iron skirt steak plates hypoplastron plateful catch plate mezzotint chromium plate implanted drypoint rebiting meatball placard ichthyodorulite tubeplate tectonic plate interepimeral carbon nanofiber image contest bearer immunoplate back door foliation xeromammography mess beef india proof plate mark roundel tassel woodburytype autochrome cat chemitypy shako sclerodermic coxosternite fur oostegite beaver photoengraving scumming flexography blanket serve rule griddle entoplastron nanoplate armed bullhead mental culet plateable plateless brigandine pterygoid anastatic glyphograph chalcographer haptophyte anode dark slide gousset vinyl weight steel graphotype planometer stegognathous wallplate dipper tie plate illustration carbon gusset foot deckplate lithotype underplate do dishes niepce's process replate platy diamond plate zincograph interplate ectypography block positive accumulator plated lamella through hole technology paten tagger swashplate pronotum futtock plate frog coccolith krupp process reptile metasternum paget process bronze pole plate urostege metallotherapy lady photoelectrotype straightener inferior tea service rim lock metapleuron pinecone fish etch b battery pseudopalate transfer cuirassed brachyonychia floorplate bitter electromagnet tank iron clout oroheliograph plakea aptychus stereotyper subplate shearer dynatron clutchplate doubler caster endostoma tegulated diskos lorica engraved rostral lining hyoplastron lames electrotypy layer trencher thin layer chromatography chrome bite in die plate knocker implate ballet lithotypy garment electrode parapterum rebite bitter plate lorication twiffler deadline jazeraint side plate lockplate stave pygal jazerant dental plate thoracetron chase printmaking heating surface torsel bilaminar tinctured silver magnetomotor ferrotype paranuchal plate powder sheet metal mesoscutum nickel china plate multigraph chainplate lecanorine magazine camera offset studs photo offset skin heliotypy ventrite brushback stereotypist sidelock intertie xerography partyware knuckleball clinker built scaphocerite jesserant platebound land platemaker animal antiplume paila platten epiphallus beaufet nasal ollier disease sew slate nail plate meal water plate chromonychia salter harris fracture printing form desensitizer salad plate katepisternum place mat plate block run blade platemaking tripestone gully armour plating phototheodolite aluminotype contents photolithography dumbbell platemark tool food surface dishes meals round ceramic flat surface flat dinnerware paper device piece round crockery silverware dinner china eating food kitchenware dinner utensil eaten on put food put pottery tray place setting food server cutlery eating disc wear utensils implement china dish platter cup eat food eating item eating device eating tool food serving round dinnerware knife fork accessory kitchen utensil round shape eating thing forks oval for dinner room dinner table serves flat crockery dinner service round thing service paper dish like bowl like dish dinner item dinner server napkin dinning a thing cake dinner bowl dinner on round object eaten from used fork spoon dinner circle roundness food place flat circle flat disc eating china tectonic dining ware type eating dinner dinner crockery on tables eating disk kitchens dinner ceramic table ware served cups flatter receptacle eating vessel flat object crockery item its dinner disk round tableware eating bowl bowls cabinet flat tableware home base dinner serving like saucer fork knife eating circle dining table edges round edges entree round eating eating tray circular dish table crockery eating implement dining room food disc hold hold food moon again dinner container dining dish eating utensils food in white china eat dinner cooking eating saucer dinner surface dinner wear used eating is round equipment eating equipment has has food dinner flatware dinner slate dinner saucer usually kitchen item flatness putting putting food dining utensil eating place atop food atop its round placement typically typically ceramic dining disc serves food food sits sits main crockery main dinner setting china setting meal tool food accessory serves dinner circle ceramic dinner vessel white round kitchen ware spoons china ware ceramic dish flat china china piece you eat food plank food receptacle plank round ceramics ceramics kitchen wear full circular ceramic flat ceramic dining surface dis type dish saucers cups saucers dinner served dishwasher chinaware serving piece food utensil sable serving dinner shallow bowl shallow house nest dinning room dining tables between utensils between eating instrument instrument mealtime for mealtime round dishware round white table dish where where food dinner dishware dish type circle disk display food display dinner implement pottery dish round disc in meal dinner device dinner porcelain occupant table occupant carrier eating with food carrier dining piece round glass dinner eat eating accessory circle china too many flat utensil too glass item eat in but but bigger bigger china flat i have have holder food china disk cabinets round saucer stoneware cake on food usually jobs jobs on served on dinner accessory big disc round disk circle shape cups bowls round shapes shapes edge circular shape round edge for dining crockery dish at dinner circular item in dish food setting food disk dining silverware serving disk dinnerware disc good china good round cutlery serving implement circular cutlery round bowl food tray dinner receptacle flat thing time dinner time flat shape circular object circular eating under dinner round porcelain dinning ware bowel hand cooking ware apparatus often eating apparatus table disk often ceramic sides used eat round sides dinnerware piece eating meals what what you serve dinner flat saucer flat serving restaurants table item salad upon eaten upon tupperware cookware dinner flat food placement ate on ate big round spoons forks round holder serving item round serving mat eating mat kitchen table dish wear cupboards near fork eating container eating placement with face food holders holders dinner meals dinning table at table serving utensil chine eating form width holds dinner round utensil denture soup china circle continent meal object flat top forks spoons top flat holder usually white round surface supper holds supper flat container crust it is meaning flat disk its flat baseball meaning mine big flat circular flat ceramic disc flat blow blow dinner eater eater placing placing food eating flat whiteness bowl cup knives forks knives ceramic eating baseball base food is cup spoon very flat pizza very before made glass made hamburgers flavor made glass on hamburgers flattened munching for munching flattened bowl for serving recipient december circular dis dish kind dish literally literally of food kind colorful circular dinnerware kitchen crockery dining disk food saucer food china dish china food vessel



home plate home base home plate

Definition: (baseball) base consisting of a rubber slab where the batter stands; it must be touched by a base runner in order to score; "he ruled that the runner failed to touch home"


Definition: a sheet of metal or wood or glass or plastic


Definition: a full-page illustration (usually on slick paper)


Definition: dish on which food is served or from which food is eaten

plate plateful

Definition: the quantity contained in a plate

plate crustal plate

Definition: a rigid layer of the Earth's crust that is believed to drift slowly


Definition: the thin under portion of the forequarter


Definition: a main course served on a plate; "a vegetable plate"; "the blue plate special"


Definition: any flat platelike body structure or part


Definition: the positively charged electrode in a vacuum tube

plate photographic plate

Definition: a flat sheet of metal or glass on which a photographic image can be recorded


Definition: structural member consisting of a horizontal beam that provides bearing and anchorage

plate collection plate

Definition: a shallow receptacle for collection in church

plate scale shell

Definition: a metal sheathing of uniform thickness (such as the shield attached to an artillery piece to protect the gunners)

denture dental plate plate

Definition: a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth

Definition: A slightly curved but almost flat dish from which food is served or eaten.

Definition: Precious metal, especially silver.



Definition: coat with a layer of metal; "plate spoons with silver"

Definition: To cover the surface material of an object with a thin coat of another material, usually a metal.

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