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possess own must need hath they've we've have got hold play enjoy believe a give rat's arse sexual intercourse never've stand chance they’ve carry i'dn't've be have it both ways han't ain’t haven’t had've been knew reading sex drink bored she'll've spring and autumn hathe affected we'll've instrument request host haven't trifoliate where've what've we'd've has trick court will've he'll've wealthy belitter calculation shall've i'ven't had feel you'd've who'da cause she’d’ve you'll've distrust she've you'dn't've speak carry on castle who've oughtn't've result proceeding musta disease free ain't there've schedule participate command argument stock to've fraud beaky start relate partner hella won't've might've he'd've go through glhf experience got gang i'd've gratuity require privileged auxiliary verb gots ye've depict get having let good times roll we’d’ve tolerate mustn't've deceive whatcha i’d’ve buy you’d’ve decieve wouldn't've aware may've they'll've defeat hain't it'd've they’d’ve that'll've allow partake they'd've guest epicene must've fight undergo language take that'd've it'dn't've deception lavender afflict yaksha possessed unhaveable burke measurement must of past tense suffer i'll've havenae had to shaft you've give birth have to do with attend hypocrisy translate i'se invitation romantic i’ve can't've couldn't've havingness she'd've have to present perfect continuous food chapleted would've put on he've can haz painfully we'ven't perfect tense ve share deliberations demand measure be big on related i've mightn't've hast he’d’ve topic take on can've you'ven't mighta turn move necessary ownership feet possession keep cry know afford bar company smoke possessing hand affair party poses bear posses care could eye would toe nest capital cake owner wool same shell lip wax meaning hope advantage plate colony employ remain failing contain much children valor blossom intend sheep garden sight birth lack born and hold horse talk give regret find doll story famous fly colour second dream faith committee avenue enough chief possessing something in possession owning something owning holding holding something own possess now possess now belong servant toy purpose idea sound trust



rich person wealthy person have

Definition: a person who possesses great material wealth

Definition: A wealthy or privileged person.

Definition: A fraud or deception; something misleading.


have have got hold

Definition: have or possess, either in a concrete or an abstract sense; "She has $1,000 in the bank"; "He has got two beautiful daughters"; "She holds a Master's degree from Harvard"

have feature

Definition: have as a feature; "This restaurant features the most famous chefs in France"

experience receive have get

Definition: go through (mental or physical states or experiences); "get an idea"; "experience vertigo"; "get nauseous"; "receive injuries"; "have a feeling"

own have possess

Definition: have ownership or possession of; "He owns three houses in Florida"; "How many cars does she have?"

get let have

Definition: cause to move; cause to be in a certain position or condition; "He got his squad on the ball"; "This let me in for a big surprise"; "He got a girl into trouble"

consume ingest take in take have

Definition: serve oneself to, or consume regularly; "Have another bowl of chicken soup!"; "I don't take sugar in my coffee"


Definition: have a personal or business relationship with someone; "have a postdoc"; "have an assistant"; "have a lover"

hold throw have make give

Definition: organize or be responsible for; "hold a reception"; "have, throw, or make a party"; "give a course"


Definition: have left; "I have two years left"; "I don't have any money left"; "They have two more years before they retire"


Definition: be confronted with; "What do we have here?"; "Now we have a fine mess"

have experience

Definition: undergo; "The stocks had a fast run-up"


Definition: suffer from; be ill with; "She has arthritis"

induce stimulate cause have get make

Definition: cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner; "The ads induced me to buy a VCR"; "My children finally got me to buy a computer"; "My wife made me buy a new sofa"

accept take have

Definition: receive willingly something given or offered; "The only girl who would have him was the miller's daughter"; "I won't have this dog in my house!"; "Please accept my present"

receive have

Definition: get something; come into possession of; "receive payment"; "receive a gift"; "receive letters from the front"

suffer sustain have get

Definition: undergo (as of injuries and illnesses); "She suffered a fracture in the accident"; "He had an insulin shock after eating three candy bars"; "She got a bruise on her leg"; "He got his arm broken in the scuffle"

have get make

Definition: achieve a point or goal; "Nicklaus had a 70"; "The Brazilian team got 4 goals"; "She made 29 points that day"

give birth deliver bear birth have

Definition: cause to be born; "My wife had twins yesterday!"

take have

Definition: have sex with; archaic use; "He had taken this woman when she was most vulnerable"

Definition: To possess, own.

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