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sheep fabric material fur cloth sheep fur clothing hair sweaters sweater sheep hair from sheep fiber clothes product cotton yarn warm white sheep product knitting skin on sheep sheep fabric itchy lamb sheep skin textile covering fluffy sweater material animal sheep covering clothing material coat sheep material sheep coat sheep cloth thread sheep clothing scratchy soft fluff fibre natural jumpers fuzzy warmth sheep fiber making lambs like drawing frame shaggy wool classer wools perpetuana cassinette marocain plucker woolen owling oesypum leaf blue bonnet stapler woolless distaff card wool clip arrasene pily violaniline grease wooled french merino epinetron pakol cardigan livery woolclasser nonwool jersey merino tree woolpack rove pelt rot fine drugget woolly hat lanameter dutch carpet couching stitch twilly rock topmaking loaghtan tabinet woolsorter windster woolgathering pashmina cotswold kerf sweater dress kembster worsted watersheep ferrandine cashmere lanigerous pledget bargello kelt chullo zanella depilation bunting dorset cloth of gold bunnet woolworks lanose batting woolgrowing flocculent woolly khaki wool classing pine taggy woolbroker melon cactus spindle budge union cloth woolgrower felt tuzz fleece empress cloth drab comber grogram bare bellied joe lionhead rabbit cordebec mallophagous woolsack dod barathea fir valencia ruminant beige woolhall california blanket scour gare tozy kempster pondus synthetic oose flannel england piecener canvaswork karakul feather wool mortling clip plank brussels carpet llama bombazine balzarine shearer lamé willying laniferous garnet underlock argamannu scours grenadine ket himation balaclava fleck mackinaw mandarining trend woollike crepon shalloon rumswizzle felting woolish beanie carder woolman eriometer ski mask linsey woolsey veloutine hand card owler suint backwasher burnou cowtail astrakhan floccus daglock woolclassing woollens herdwick sherpa carding scribbler hoddengray wadding camlet coopworth lanary flock lambswool pelt twinset dewool woolfell alpaca staple papakha stitchel borrel longwool woolwork taglock texture cashmered thick like cotton fibers fabric material lamb fur type for knitting white fluffy warm fabric sheep yarn curls knit sweater fabric sock lamb hair fuzz mitten mitten material thick material natural fiber make winter itchiness cloth material string again rough itchy fabric making clothes in sheep sheep make sheep fluff animal fur suits sheep thread nice animal product jumper sheared cloud coarse socks sheep textile strands silk makes warm material sheep clothes lamb covering fluffiness fibres threads sheepish warm sweaters warm clothing fuzzy fabric comes furry sheep byproduct byproduct thick fabric lambs fur for sweaters lanolin white fabric animal fiber lambs covering knitting material sheep again shear sheep fuzz fluffy material animal fibre curly rough texture animal material itchy sweaters scratchy material sheep fibre fabric cloth sheep derived derived knitted knitting sweaters made white cotton weaving softness sheep have have sheep hide hide been lamb fabric cotton and sheepskin making sweaters lamb curls hairs hat clouds winter clothes for clothing stuff other other fabric makes clothes fabric type natural thread natural yarn sweater yarn scratchy fabric grows grows sheep type cloth in clothing white material suit like silk sheep warm winter fabric lamb fleece itchy white tissue tool fuzziness clothing tool coarse fabric cloths for jumpers cold making cloth clothing fabric smooth carpet warm blankets almost blankets for clothes production sheered sheep production sheep sheered comes sheep sheep produces produces materiel buckles coats material sweater making jumpers lambs hair sheep knit near sheep thing from lamb furry sheep sheep shear tweed lamb product white hair cover sheep cover cloth type cloth made animal hair shorn over lamb off over comes off from animal irritation knit it cardigans been sheared scratchy cloth shears knitter need knitter need winter cloth in sweaters making thread cheep from cheep is warm of sheep clothing fiber makes sweaters knitting yarn sock potential potential very warm very coat fabric white scratchy fluffy white feel make sweater scratchy feel often sox sox often warm stuff warm fiber warm cloth ball of ball for socks woven fabric woven white curls mittens mittens hat pubes cat playing playing cat soft white what farm shirts curly white something scratchy fibers knitting string garment sheepish fiber garment material pullover heavy jumper material heavy fabric clothes matter used knitting used matter many threads clothing type string to dress material sheep castoffs making yarn sheep jacket castoffs dress outside hairy ships sheep outside puffy fuzzy material jacket sheep stuff ship ship fur clothes made clothe material clothe sheep output coating sheep produce rough fabric output picked been picked sheep hairs merino type fiber type produce sheep fir natural material sheep sheared sheep coating kind textile kind cloth fabric sheer sometimes steel sometimes steel sweaters socks



wool woolen woollen

Definition: a fabric made from the hair of sheep


Definition: fiber sheared from animals (such as sheep) and twisted into yarn for weaving

wool fleece

Definition: outer coat of especially sheep and yaks

Definition: The hair of the sheep, llama and some other ruminants.

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