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wool animal lamb wooly farm white goat ewe baa mammal fluffy woolly farm animal ram wooly animal wool animal lambs fur bah adult mutton cotton shepherd adult lamb flock cheviot baa baa cloud woolly animal source herd furry coat woolen animals livestock old lamb old fleece like grown lamb grown producer wool producer wool source hair farms bah bah four has legs rams fluffy animal wool fur ewe ram wooly mammal tag tethera dick buist hogget jumbuck come by wether methera dick sheepless île de france sheepstealer cattle hovera shearing shed ancon sheepy yan bumfit treddle halloumi yoe sheepshit yeanling smiley artiodactyl abattoir criophorous underlock lethera cotswold ovicaprid leicester dip aries buck sheepstealing montadale appendix:animals sheep silver shetland blast ooze leather suint kilishi tyan bumfit parchment pope's eye domestic sheep cadet blouwildebeesoog owling polwarth alpaca vinquish mouflon teg sheepskin shear hog shoop vegetable lamb leather johne's disease capripox foldyard hogg goat antelope scrapie sheeplike cabrales pen merino sheep dip loaghtan hougher tethera bumfit sheepishly bovid basil woolgrowing smallstock mort manouri sheepness bellwether flerd sheepshagger herdswoman bare bellied joe tyan geep jacob core owler parilia long paddock nonsheep sulfur salt yan dick maa jaagsiekte tethera sheep run shoat speech recognition gun shearer shropshire tyan dick hoggerel scab ovination earmark manure underwool dib gid wild haggis piroplasma count sheep racka cormo sheepshearing smitt rig bighorn sheep shetland wool pimp turnsick gummy katahdin herdsman thwarter bowen technique dovera coopworth manchego drift kasseri sheepling ruminant sheep bell bercary fank yolk caprine folding sheepdog sheepily antisheep astragalos narangy page wire sheepcote sheep louse argali sheepmeat fardel bound scur yow southdown gayle shed out large offspring syndrome cote agropastoral doeskin coenure roquefort ovis urial orf yellows tup sheeps texel polioencephalomalacia lowbell sherman iodothyrin methera bumfit paddock dog tucker sheepflesh outrun dick woolshed sheepherder sheepwalk station trotter rambouillet crush pen drover smalahove mutton flaps lambkin louping sheepish foot rot sheepherding sheepdip lincoln snow sheep idiazabal cheese sheepshearer dinmont woolgrower cowtail mizithra bane hog shears blacknose cramp bone aidi radnor udder methera lambskin herdwick bleat shedhand bumfit mortling ovine daglock sheeppox dunt karakul foothalt theave burhel barometz kefalograviera bizet sheep muttonchop sheepdom ruddle sheeprun romney bighorn tagger gare powsowdie woolgathering suet exmoor thinhorn sheep sheepfold dod clip blackface giggot disbudding shear sethera longwool tegg crutcher scrag wind haggis teeswater sleep follower white fluffy wool coat four legs giver fuzzy ewes white fur fields wool maker maker makes wool makes white animal has wool big woolen animal gives counting barnyard barnyard animal shearing farmyard animal farmyard animal wool flocks like goat dog grass many lambs cow wooly animals furry animal farmer wool giver skin source wool field black big lamb wooly coat woolly hair clouds nice grownup woolly mammal goes wool bearer bearer goes baa fluffy wool shepherds coating wool carrier white wool carrier meat grazing like lamb gives wool live fabric animal white baas ball wool hair ram ewe lamp eating fuzzy animal herd animal barn barn animal owner creature wool owner flock of herded wolf wool provider provider fluffy goat wool mammal pony getting getting wool grazing animal grows grows wool woolly fleece for wool fluff clothes cotton skin ewe lamb farm mammal wooly coating flurry count sleep flurry animal count baa animal get wool four legged hairy grownup ewe legged hairy goat wooly fur herds live animal again in fields dumb produce wool cotton wool produce and animal dumb animal fuzzy wool baa black bag creator wool creator domestic hooves white farm wooly hair eating grass sleep animal on farm lambs ewes wool skin adult lamp food fluffy white growing clothing farming cotton giver ewes rams cotton ball herder peaceful fabric animal lamb animal wool from baaing wool animals flock animal lamb mutton ewe rams big lambs parents grownup lamb lambs parents adult lambs very wooly very grazer covered white furry woolen covered ewes lambs soft like sleep in herd fluffy coat woolen creature pig wooly thing puff puff ball fur ball has lambs lamb ewe beginning cotton beginning wool covering gives milk fur animal milk covering white fluff woolly livestock farm animals wool livestock wool coating has fleece produces wool wool origin wool bearing wool provided produces origin provided furry mammal woolly creature bearing momma lamb goat female female ram lamb momma baa again lamb parent parent white mammal counted counted night night have wool live lamb have dream production wool production group lambs group pastures domestic animal shepherds flock llama in farms animal ship ship counting sleep medium mutton lamb medium mammal quadruped eating shearing growing wool bleating mouton on farms baby baby lambs baby lamb wool clothing curly curly white got with wool bovine got wool babies pasture mutton babies shearing animal gives cotton wife rams wife woollen woollen fleece weed lambs meat lamb meat shearing wool fluffy fur shirts herded animal pastor scotland large dog large feet black feet flocking animal flocking producing providing wool producing wool providing woolly farm in flocks animal bah many lamb going woolly animals wool adam can buy adam wool growing animal cotton at farms going bah buy settlers can in settlers woolly lamb animal baa animal furry wearing before question woolly goat before question animal lamb wool wearing animal flock woolly again animal with mammal wool




Definition: woolly usually horned ruminant mammal related to the goat


Definition: a timid defenseless simpleton who is readily preyed upon


Definition: a docile and vulnerable person who would rather follow than make an independent decision; "his students followed him like sheep"

Definition: A woolly ruminant of the genus Ovis.

Definition: plural of shoop

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