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chicken butcher steak stew mutton mince pork cleaver po boy beef blacken knuckle trinchado glace de viande meat safe cecina lobscouse crab rangoon whalemeat eggah poor man's goose mutton flaps meatlessness humanburger coopworth pirozhki whaleburger turkeyless yakiniku speck gumbo z herbes loin khinkali suppli kare kare paprikash mushroomburger seekh kebab soylent meatworker ants climbing tree gyro dry pot capretto satay nikujaga meat tea smallgoods lahmacun butcher's hook brisket fakon dry market wasty tenderizer daube oxtail primal meatlessly mango roll hock word of wisdom sharkmeat sizzler chef salad jhatka make meat shiokara meatlike woody breast okapana canon donburi turkey tail loaf antimeat montreal steak seasoning surf and turf flank wedding soup moo shu brochette buffaloburger veggie burger wof escallop nidorosity calfflesh goatburger dog roll milk sickness chickeny rundown fricot ractopamine zootrophotoxism gristle encratite pot au feu cuban sandwich pantothenic acid hypocarnivorous dripping pan pish pash dushbara soylent pink sawmill gravy reef and beef mesocarnivore meaty crabmeat overfinished rand poultry sheepmeat gobbet wildmeat bear meat carbonade tofurkey jucy lucy fleischig jelly cacciatora rullichies olive tandoor red pudding zrazy cow biltong horsegate powdering tub cut sheet lapskaus shepherd's pie shish kebab sancocho cepelinas fillet salumi hoosh capilotade crépinette torta tenderloin kreotoxin bolognese sauce roast dinner quaq crab cake pappardelle potter pork loin roof rabbit meatloaf carnin coconut oil grillade girlmeat wastey gutter rabbit stuffaroni pork belly meat rack swiss food igunaq cat meat mystery meat lactovegetarian burgoo pellicle papainase chasseur kottu collop leicester protose griskin rissole underground mutton haut gout rag pudding pelau jus juane meatful blind scouse pizza exsanguination jossup chicken breast omophagous gravy bark slumgullion meatworks derma made dish congee pekin duck prime cut manwich fajita gallimaufry lunch meat muffuletta white pudding ravigote no roll kreophagist meat house manakish boneless i don't eat meat burnt ends croquette kitchen dude food bredie siu mei charcuterie soysage munchy box mulligatawny jjigae animal product chuck star meat stovies shank bigos horseshoe sandwich squab butchershop ravioli monkey meat woolton pie cold cuts unbone fumette pâté potpie collar tapa gheimeh hogget bromelain preserver malatang blanks and prizes dagwood sandwich pastichio blanc sauerbraten panini kilishi sarapatel cowpool rillette cevapcici rollatini pastelle forequarter kreplach drysalter meat and three thiamine court bouillon machaca brown windsor soup escalope cowpooling pemmican cook up rice meatpacking outbutcher rousong chuchvara lo mein commodity meat veganism chaud froid yorkshire pie chow mein waterblommetjiebredie pigmeat beshbarmak catmeat rump carbonado au jus skilandis rabbit starvation rooburger nonchicken meat and drink coulibiac stromboli buff hypercarnivore dog tucker tetanin chickenless kig ha farz bolognese gamey soured cream baster jibarito dhansak chicken lollipop bard schnitzel deer venison oildown noshi kushikatsu meat eating spiedie spatchcock samosa swineflesh bedfordshire clanger sparerib cullis saddle bouillon medium rare khorkhog scouse périgord pie animal niacin omophagist cassoulet snakemeat pan haggerty salmagundi smotheration kreophagy dhabihah pareve rib pepperpot soup butterburger fifth quarter meats kangarooburger fleshhook cutlet brunswick stew muttonchop quiche fricassee pierogi devonshire stew swiss steak mafe blood sausage guava cornish pastie utility pigeon flesh larb baby beef polony beef jerky burrito patty melt strict vegetarian stock cube scotch broth oxymyoglobin nonmeat braciola foo yung rape rack pheasantlike frankenchicken ramekin meatman meatless noodleburger spitter broth lean finely textured beef kebab demi vegetarian crab puff rack meat tray rezala jjim osh omnivore meat axe roulade brown bits pink slime crab meatpole hotdish ascococcus lionburger fatback meatish lady curzon soup chow fun sarma husk bouilli crispy creatic sheepflesh roastery long pig carnivory chili con carne meat pie bridie tenderize luwombo wet market namasu meatball kitchen fee kangatarian quenelle kabsa roast mock turtle soup carnism quorn chanpuru metagee bisque noisette combination salad horsemeat consommé bucayo dinuguan lamby spitbraai elephant leg paupiette goatmeat omophagic cecil tinned dog camel meat crust oyster knife oxflesh chevon horseflesh loineye carnivore sweetcure chankonabe hypocarnivore ballotine cholent dresser pig korokke ragout sea pie scallop pilaf chop veal fish bone history of agriculture sheep raw eating ham soup animal flesh lamb lean animals kabob tough sear rub protein muscle cows mallet dead animal dead prime heat duck department bread ground edible supper




Definition: the flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food

kernel meat

Definition: the inner and usually edible part of a seed or grain or nut or fruit stone; "black walnut kernels are difficult to get out of the shell"

kernel substance core center centre essence gist heart heart and soul inwardness marrow meat nub pith sum nitty-gritty

Definition: the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience; "the gist of the prosecutor's argument"; "the heart and soul of the Republican Party"; "the nub of the story"

Definition: The flesh (muscle tissue) of an animal used as food.

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