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fire temperature warmth warm energy hot sun hotness degree burn steam furnace output summer thermal sensation high temperature high warming from sun weather radiator hot temperature cold product thermic ladle furnace spincaloritronics thermotension vaporium thermoneutral photothermoelasticity thermocurrent shemagh conductor trial spontaneous combustion repechage heatless thermal printer resistojet iron thermogenesis aestiferous insulated firing caloritronics volcanize adiathermic nitroglycerine thermoanesthesia aleurometer microgeneration hot pepper nonthermal titanium aluminide calorificient freezing mixture convector charcoal thermal conductance chemothermal microcalorimeter powellize transcalent heat up fire triangle refrigerative photothermography thermal conductivity thermoaggregation cleading autotroph frigidity dry distillation soak shaped charge vulcanize intranscalent thermomixer thermoelectricity radiation fog albuminone optothermal pyropoikilocytosis crozzle thermal energy deflagrant chafe tummo aramid overheat dissipation afterheat combustion thermocontroller chemitypy hydronics photothermic thermatology radiomicrometer einstein refrigerator sterilizer glasshouse synthermal scorched irori thermotic fastball overheatedly glow plug galvanocautery breach brazing nanocarpet metallurgy hot flush pyrolyse thermoception hydropyrolysis coldness thermoactivated plutonism otheoscope pasteurize thermogenous exergonic thermotransport heated thermoprotection magnetocalorimetry pyroconversion thermogenics forge calorisator thermoelectromotive thermally incoercible autopolymerization bring to boil athermal quinicine electrothermy pyroboric acid heatlessness pyrosilver agglomerate fusion allothermal district cooling scorch body heat bakeout lithophosphoric claisen rearrangement thermohardening fluff dry diathermic hotpress reverberatory furnace cauma conduction thermophotovoltaic heater sunbeaten refrigeration pasteurise laplace operator adsorption calorimetry quasienergy boil in bag inhumation geothermal pyrolignic deflagrate heaten scove coolant hydronic calenture microbolometer hot flash secondary hypothermia thermo crozzled anidrosis swelter heat of reaction butyrone boil endothermy sinter thermotolerant geothermal energy diffusivity volcanization circulatory calorification pasteurisation retortable diathermanous brew thermophylic infrared radiation scald radioreceptor enthalpy biothermal seared radiative forcing cogeneration trigeneration thermoinducible thermophone burning mirror cogenerative erythema ab igne lambent vitrifiable adiabatic lapse rate electrical resistance pot boiler mechanocaloric thermochromic rigor caloris endergonic calorigenic taylor white process thermology imponderable thermodynamic thermically brazier apoptozole orchard house endothermic hot water heater stove lamp caloriferous thermochromy mag wheel cold smoking thermomicrofluid i've burned myself fervour ricci flow elastocaloric magnesiothermic thermophore neal borosilicate glass equable hot spell excandescence volcanic autothermic pyro joule thomson effect british thermal unit pulse glass thermantidote diathermal pyrology at cold drawn thermoreflective vitrification amidin analogous pole thomson process desuperheater air engine diabatic thermy decrepitation calorimetry humidex invisible ink hot seal thermocoagulation caloriduct calorimeter fire clay flip dog chase dragon dissociation acrid congelation evaporator butt fusion kasher nonshivering thermogenesis heatable therm spice heat shrink refractory pyrogenous excite fritting susceptor armour firehouse chafer convection oestruation adiabatic high explosive sand bath heatsick oestrus thermoresistance brian temper thermoprotector pressurized water reactor thermoacidophile lavalike joule's law underheat commingler otto cycle electrothermal coctile exothermicity refraction physiotherapy thermogenic forced convection hot short etna firearm sonorescent induction oven excandescent scorchingness athermanous greenhouse shrinkwrap cerate clothing diathermous radiant calorimotor thermanesthesia recovery boiler pillaring chocolatize heat resistant cooking thermal paper mull phoenicoid heats heliothermic ovenproof resistance frame thermosolutal gravitational convection dissipation function thermosterilized perm scalder thermotropic ardor craze turn up semidiesel glomus puddle bar lid fervor grill cookery pyrophane carbothermal thermotherapy searing thermosensing barocaloric albumin seebeck effect gauze mat thermomechanics arouse salmon place mat thermolysis biot number torrefy dopiaza calcine thermoshaker thermomagnetism sweltry calorifere memory effusivity radiosensitization thermocautery turn down solutionize weld thermography thermomolecular heat detector thermoprinting decalescence munition bioheat pyrex retort thermotank teleheating convective current exothermic outflush hotly glassify thermotransduction digestion unheatable steam power monestrous kapitza resistance photothermal antitank candescent beath thermovinification heating district heating ultrapasteurization joule he adiabatic wall free convection pyrophotography apyrous pyrologist power car pyrognostics thermodynamic equilibrium irradiate ultraheat nonconducting nuclear reactor permanent wave outbake pyroligneous anneal acritude pyrogenic brood patch thermotype isodiabatic lew absorption refrigerator thermodynamics reflector generator frigorie suncrack thermosynthesis bakelite wiltja thermoafferent calorize fire fanged pyroconductivity refractor hot wind thermoconversion thermotics galvanocaustic hydroaccumulation shear steel conductivity sublimer foreheat heat pump thermobalance dissociate cryobot thermocapillary heat proof caloric magnetothermal pyrolysis superheat calorific diathermy internal energy caramelize caking coal jalfrezi dryer chirori franklin stove reheat eccaleobion calorist cool flame calorigenesis water plate thermosterilize hotbar thermosensitive preheat firebath thermoelement underfire boiling ergon up feeling warm up thermometer flame warm temperature flames fire product warm energy action burner fire output hot weather measurement waves makes from fire air condition very fire warmth basketball being being hot quality miami hot feeling nice make make hot melt radiation hot energy function oven like desert adjective suns output suns warmness temperature measurement stroke degrees sun output hot sensation form miami basketball nothing making coal furnace produces produces crown fireplace food very hot nor cold nor fire energy hot sun radiator output cook byproduct friction byproduct friction elevated team furnace output shade inferno furnace action furnace product generated not fire generated fire reason reason transfer energy transfer soup like hot measure provides furnace provides hot quality caloric value physical value property physical property felt felt energy radiator makes stove function thermal radiation wave ovens fires output sunburn fires settings generic term term radiant energy thermal action microwave microwave settings warm air generic temp radiance people warming people cooks cooks food warming things street entropy much warmth much hot things sun energy description gas gas hot turn on passion staying warm staying turn bills on bills africa hot state means state means hot furnace makes for warmth in summer fiery fiery warmth increased temperature general temperature increased fuel general gives temperature elevated candle gives candle from furnace thermostat energy form steamy cool anti anti cold fire sensation thermal power power keeps warm keeps homes very warm time summer time ninety ninety degrees infrared making hot furnace function making warmer warmer makes hot fire hot hot warm red houses form of temperature warmth any warmth temperature setting required cook any maker required setting temperature maker warming air really really warm produced promise sun produced sorry hot sorry hot places from flames places basketball team miami team bread forced air forced higher temperature higher sweating near fire dead like beat meat like meat beat feel survival hot warmth desert climate climate fever warming up from son son study thermodynamics study rising molecules excited flatulence excited molecules rising temperature caloric measurement summer temperature oil temperature measures color radiator purpose in body preparation purpose food preparation if you measures if body level elevated temperature calorie measure extreme warmth extreme calorie fire temperature temperature measure temperature level water boiling water



heat heat energy

Definition: a form of energy that is transferred by a difference in temperature

hotness heat high temperature

Definition: the presence of heat

heat warmth

Definition: the sensation caused by heat energy

heat warmth passion

Definition: the trait of being intensely emotional

estrus oestrus heat rut

Definition: applies to nonhuman mammals: a state or period of heightened sexual arousal and activity


Definition: a preliminary race in which the winner advances to a more important race

heating system heating plant heating heat

Definition: utility to warm a building; "the heating system wasn't working"; "they have radiant heating"

Definition: Thermal energy.

Definition: Acronym of high explosive antitank: a munition using a high explosive shaped charge to breach armour.


heat heat up

Definition: make hot or hotter; "the sun heats the oceans"; "heat the water on the stove"


Definition: provide with heat; "heat the house"

inflame stir up wake ignite heat fire up

Definition: arouse or excite feelings and passions; "The ostentatious way of living of the rich ignites the hatred of the poor"; "The refugees' fate stirred up compassion around the world"; "Wake old feelings of hatred"

heat hot up heat up

Definition: gain heat or get hot; "The room heated up quickly"

Definition: To cause an increase in temperature of (an object or space); to cause to become hot (often with "up").

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