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apple color blood stop wine colour fire blue squirrel tomato blush fox scarlet lip raspberry primary colour farm primary cherry maroon sunburn left wing rosepetal flushed ginger minger triad blood red rutilation triboulet redden redfish turkey red breithauptite anthocyanin spanish red ruddock vermile lobstery vitellorubin sanguine rubasse redroot urrhodin plum paeonine erythro tristimulus rhodosperm erythrodermatitis rubific orthochromatic orchid ginger carotenoid dannebrog red hot fuchsia red copper rubric brazilin redward purple puce daikon vermilion rhubarb hearts sarubobo sienna bittersweet chongqing chicken toyon antired umangite manticore red wine deuteranopia erythrophyll strophulus yellow rubescent fire crotch red earth black capsanthin erythropsia braeburn rubefaction aurin sepia red velvet brazilein rubricator redwards sudan red anerythrism tombak cardinal redheaded power tie major mitchell's cockatoo sapan erythrocyanosis pigeon's blood ruby puniceous reddened coloradito benedict's solution erythrogranulose redly sagum flour spider naevus ruddy saddle billed stork diazo reaction quarrender reddeningly redbed pro strawberry erythrophobia revolutionary pink rouge chica red fire common radish can buoy rubicund idared redwork aurodrosopterin communist magenta argamannu miniatous ulerythema victoria plum peppermint shrimp kinemacolor cockscomb red zone red gum xanthocyanopia visible spectrum roygbiv red rimmed rubellite hand tree chili con carne amaranthine anaheim rainbow flag raddle nacarat crustaceorubin amaranth grape brown betty teapot red light roccellin indian red geru azocarmine war florid claret rosaniline capsorubin brick red rosette comice secobarbital achiote tripack erythrophore phaeomelanic labour chicken 65 carotene azo dye red tide redhead measles mitmita warm beeturia erythrophil pheomelanic red lemonade merlot erythematosus eosin poppy benzopurpurin rudolph red nosed reindeer big red button wallflower erythrodontia erythroleukoplakia oxymyoglobin lemnian ruddle blood orange maximum break quark haematitic sinopite red violet socialist prodigiosin carnation yellow red redbird livor mortis gridelin gillyflower fire opal erythrophilous zoonerythrin erythroid cyan rubricose laterite quarrenden rutilant nm ayers rock redness republican ohelo betalain rubrocurcumin red flower blue red blood rain pack snooker diamonds northern cardinal dragon tile tartar gamay richard of york gave battle in vain protanomaly chromostereopsis mucicarmine branlin phoenicochroite pimento orpin henna lycopene spot stroke rubefacient oxblood pimiento gridlock spanaemia ghassoul carmine pomegranate old trichogyne bolshevik unred cinnabar rhodophane rubification tetronerythrin rednosed snapdragon waxwing rufoferruginous brownstone aylet rose erubescent lobster quinacridone pinko color charge solferino reddy red bay ang pow deredden radicchio gryffindor carrot top reddish poinciana nonred efflorescence fallow crimson rubrous rubied dragon's blood malagueta purpurogallin pyrrh house wine gochugaru tile red cochinealed european radish germany colour triangle cochineal rubrication picrosirius red erythroplasia of queyrat reds convergence crushed strawberry argb refait reddishly blushing rubiform gules fagopyrin azophloxin safranine garnet vermeiled red fox cerise warmth vermeil litmus paper rubiretin adelantadillo mahogany umber burgundy sign burn apple color steak clown primary color flag apples mercury energy hot brick christmas herring blood color angry cranberry sauce debt robin firetruck firetruck color rash orange sea beet cross rust hot color love love color ball raw blister welt anger record vibrant color danger vibrant danger colour dark angry color dark crimson stitch native bright color bright fall ribbon bed signs stop signs cry hot colour warm color rabbit go color blood hospital dress flame may apply warnings heat heart volcano flesh preserve orange yellow fever stop sign sale bean cell green wound sunsets hatred run vermillion rusty irritation cloak sapphire flaming flaming color how color stop stop color wood maroon color organization color type type mark flush autumn communism



red redness

Definition: red color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of blood

Red Red River

Definition: a tributary of the Mississippi River that flows eastward from Texas along the southern boundary of Oklahoma and through Louisiana

Bolshevik Marxist red bolshie bolshy

Definition: emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries

loss red ink red

Definition: the amount by which the cost of a business exceeds its revenue; "the company operated at a loss last year"; "the company operated in the red last year"

Definition: Any of a range of colours having the longest wavelengths, 670 nm, of the visible spectrum; a primary additive colour for transmitted light: the colour obtained by subtracting green and blue from white light using magenta and yellow filters; the colour of blood, ripe strawberries, etc.

Definition: A Communist.

Definition: Acronym of reverse electrodialysis.


Definition: simple past tense and past participle of rede

Definition: Alternative spelling of redd


red reddish ruddy blood-red carmine cerise cherry cherry-red crimson ruby ruby-red scarlet

Definition: of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange); resembling the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies

crimson red violent

Definition: characterized by violence or bloodshed; "writes of crimson deeds and barbaric days"- Andrea Parke; "fann'd by Conquest's crimson wing"- Thomas Gray; "convulsed with red rage"- Hudson Strode

crimson red reddened red-faced flushed

Definition: (especially of the face) reddened or suffused with or as if with blood from emotion or exertion; "crimson with fury"; "turned red from exertion"; "with puffy reddened eyes"; "red-faced and violent"; "flushed (or crimson) with embarrassment"

Definition: Having red as its color.

Definition: Communist

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