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animal rodent tail tree nuts rat bushy furry nut bushy tail small chipmunk trees mammal acorns tree rodent eats tree rat eater acorn fluffy tree animal small animal fuzzy park eats nuts cute grey big furry tail likes fluffy tail brown forest furry animal nut eater eating fur red tailed like gatherer furry rodent likes nuts woodland mouse collector nut collector lover fuzzy tail in trees nut gatherer big tail small rodent chaser nut chaser long tree mammal nutty small mammal gray eating nuts long tail acorn eater dweller wild little tree dweller forest animal rocky rabbit yard acorn lover hoarder bushy tailed like chipmunk climber cheeks backyard eats acorns park rodent cute rodent park animal gathering legs parks creature little animal climbs trees climbs woods rodent animal eat hiding racoon climbing chipmunks fuzzy animal sciurine squirrellike northern palm squirrel fox squirrel freezoner machine cylinder antisquirrel prevost's squirrel around carding prosciurine suslik squirrel proof sciuridae scug away heterodox gray squirrel roller chickaree squirl squirrelly squirrelish sciuroid kitten squirrels doe vair drey squirrelling squirreling abert's squirrel squirrelable tree rabbit squirrelled marmot sciuromorphous woodchuck dray jelerang squirreldom squirreled lives nut lover in tree collects collects nuts large collecting nuts collecting cute rat gathering nuts puffy hiding nuts tree climber small racoon gathers nuts gathers in park urban wild animal furry rat red grey four legs four woodland animal again common nut hoarder flying fury forests likes acorns cute animal bushy rodent on trees urban animal nut eating grey red has backyard animal big chipmunk tree climbing skunk arboreal arboreal rodent cat woodland rodent fluffy rat tails storing yard rodent critter outdoor outdoor rodent quick wild rodent roadkill woodland creature big rat nut rodent rats small furry furry mammal hides hides nuts common rodent loves has nuts eating acorns pest lives trees tale fury animal larger larger chipmunk furry tailed puffy tail puffy cheeks tiny tree dwelling dwelling like nuts acorn gatherer peanuts stored animal rodent trees nuts red animal busy busy tail animals bushy tails hoarding acorns hoarding eat nuts teeth lawn pine tailed rodent red fur pesky lawn rat storing nuts pesky animal eat acorns nutty rodent tree nuts nuts acorns fluffy rodent hide hide nuts garden gray animal fuzzy rat nut gathering grey fur forest rodent nutty animal small rat rodents lives tree woodland rat bat fuzzy tailed whirl fast stores stores nuts cute furry small cat nutty tree bushy animal large tail mouth gnawing loves nuts bigger chipmunk bigger backyard pest fury tail beaver nuts trees chubby cheeks chubby brown rat yard animal nutty cheeks chipmunk relative relative maybe park trees brown gray climbing trees rocky flying sometimes flies sometimes flies nuts stored animal furry acorn hider hider brown turk grey orange turk brown animal orange animal nuts appetite fur 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tail brown grey acorn hoarder garden rodent mentioned been been mentioned storing acorns nutted trees nutted fuzzy chipmunk nuts appetite rodent like nuts mouth hair gnawing rodent bush bush tail flying rodent tree beaver town shape bushy rat hollow hollow tree with large tale furry creature animal red tress full gnawing animal furry tree mouth full chipmunk maybe small fuzzy common mammal loves acorns park pest in parks gathering acorns you wing grey animal fuzzy critter treetop creature treetop climber bushy lives forest stored nuts small one big mouse plant furry small live live trees acorns nuts wild animals small legs bunny like bunny rodent maybe brown rodent cuteness cute tail fast mouse woodland dweller buck likes nut buck teeth usually grey nut biter friendly type usually small brown tree type small nutty biter red gray common animal everywhere pine trees store store nuts smaller road road kill kill foamy hurl chip dale nothing chip alive dale hopper hoards tree hopper hoards acorns did on top top holes did it eat nut climbing rat pines varmint sandy sandy cheeks tailed mouse fluffy tale big cheeks birds fun tufted ears tufted easy smallness paws outdoors mammals wrong nut appetite trace limbs moose rodent again rodent bushy




Definition: a kind of arboreal rodent having a long bushy tail


Definition: the fur of a squirrel

Definition: Any of the rodents of the family Sciuridae distinguished by their large bushy tail.


Definition: To store in a secretive manner, to hide something for future use

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