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teams teamed captain coach warmup jacket cooperatively mathlete straight man boomers duty roster subcontractor vigoro penalty corner pinfall rct teaming teamship best jayvee grand final underwater hockey visitor team tug of war rival xi divisional scavenger hunt cheer intrasquad bench subteam boss dog and cat go team letter jacket rink sled dog empty net goal bus factor group geodashing handcrew draft roller derby intramural time trial accy superteam ringolevio prospect thiller round game basement battler united soigneur bibgate rounders dugout loose cannon opals collaborative authoring fanwear league round robin squad odd bod unteam teamkill teamwide bughouse chess cornish hurling hut perfect game third string convey pumas agile nonsolo in unity there is strength kilikiti outfit murderers row safety scorps lacrosse touring squad scrim jersey player manager bowman heartbreaker teambuilding nomad lineup leaderful icing people deckplate leader carriage association football restart kick forehorse aircrew penalty try knickerbockers brigade system ovalgate junior varsity lone wolfing fight song magic number all blacks teamlike battle royal league table cheer squad company selection monday double header teamplay bye offense centaur fed cup bouncedown mixed doubles stagiaire skunkworks toccer howzat ball game teammate dodgeball effective blues franchise club nine cyberteam mascot socceroos leader five split squad work mob programming 11 homeworkgate school counselor defence beanbrawl cheesehead e leader side standing draught animal teamwork first string webteam fourball teamworking haul matildas harmonize point shaving ball hawk all square minor premiers spotter reteam prawn sandwich brigade inning all whites olyroos teamwise individual sport script editor bullwhacker garryowen skipper dwile flonking send someone to showers road captain wallabies barmy army gameday team sport teamless goalball groundshare liftout dream team off ox pack batsman own goal regu independent ace ressie rooting interest teamer work refs station to station skunk works washington state bando proteas kopite salesforce second string world cup matchwinner hat tournament back into swedey reverse integration eightsman change management walk on linescore flat track bully defense teamsheet football water boy note puzzlehunt wild card hockey e leadership red zone team up minor premier grannygate nonteam triple header full court press local derby eleven tall blacks place intrateam red sox bafana bafana selection sunday working group set piece sports flip cup pink hat teamster one day international carucate dig crew playing sports group member heat army group playing band club each side each steel manager football group games unite sports unite working together working together opponent members pass trained trained people many people chief maple flyer dance fan group sports partner playing group logos players athletes sport sport group group effort effort group athletes



team squad

Definition: a cooperative unit (especially in sports)


Definition: two or more draft animals that work together to pull something

Definition: A set of draught animals, such as two horses in front of a carriage.


team team up

Definition: form a team; "We teamed up for this new project"

Definition: To form a group, as for sports or work.

Definition: Misspelling of teem.

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