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swim game gymnastics ski sports hockey ball climb fishing golf tennis surf electronic sport sphairistike sportless legwork angling swordster individual sport mountainboarding motorcycle sport competitive eating all seater lacrosse riposte parachutist sportsball massacre boobird figure skating sports medicine time out thrill seeker rubber match laughing stock sport stacking biathlon visiting team aquatics extreme sport asian games fox tossing fancy biking rowing boat quinquertium kho kho underwater rugby sportify shooting running watersport frontenis bmx bike snowmobile bog snorkeling match race torball field sports equestrianism sports entertainment predraft superbrat dancesport slalom volkssport trap shooting sportsmanship lake swordsman benchrest rafting lad mag shikar handcycling blood sport amateurism sporterize shooting jacket autodrome auto racing activewear antihunter coursing golfy kominkan post game antisport dodgeball athletics track and field practicewear sportdiving fleet race sportswoman lark canyoning gaud locksport daff eventer singlestick mutant pedestrianism gameday weightlifting horseball basque pelota weekender underwater hockey sanda finching pigeon racing pickleball sportlike rock climbing midweeker racquetball ploy scoring slacklining sporting skicross octathlon luge cheerleader vigoro sailing match racing rat pit urban boarding glacading birth defect golfspeak paddlesport oddsboard chess boxing friend gamefish harlequin ice yachting trapshooting hat tournament synchronized diving real tennis front row tennikoit vert goal plant boardsport superscreen indiaca throwball skating chunkey weekend warrior bucketball mountaineer acquaintance skibobbing paintball ice skating disability sport cross training water skiing cheermaster competitively soccerplex askoliasmos landboarding onfield ice racing ballooning play make merry speel calvinball debut sportful tetherball sports ground pitch and putt jianzi alpinist powderpuff paddleboarding drop shot good sport ferret legging off field display stathead sportswriting roller derby gamesome surfing gut barging outsport macapuno mountaineering meet pleasure craft enduro kiteboarding widow rogaining gamebird boot muggle quidditch trashsport cheese rolling nordic walking green un newcomb sportswear pleasure boat pato wallball multisport fistball discipline postplaying black water rafting groundhopper rugby boot stadium sailing field sport kit out joystick waggler tobogganing wintersports bando longboarding divert woodchop plimsoll sporty snowsport save swimshorts ergogenics footwork speedwalking fanboarding sitzball sportsfield tank powerlifting cocker woodball sailor sports page local derby slackliner feature sportsplex mulloway racewalking human movement sports bar sported muckerism sportspeak four square pothunter combat sport amuse hurdles sportling basketball tenpin bowling kick volleyball wallyball ice fishing laker handball sportive dwarf tossing discus motorsport snocross turf dwile flonking zam buk game bird cupper diver chestguard dirt jumping pelota judo 360 backflip whitewater rafting fan schutzhund on bench sportdiver quaffle welly whanging wrestling multisports muller team sport sportsman pink un waterfowling fandom hog baying caving rounders chinlone falconry disabled sport athletic shoe highpointing laser tag geodashing olympic games sporter sweatband warming up weightlifter species kit man bowls big game snowboarding preseason snowboard shootfighting cycling groundhopping fanhood footvolley toccer southpaw mini rugby fleet racing sportsperson platform tennis jumpsuit finswimming sportswise statto draftnik bodybuilding paracycling antihunting netball champ gorodki windsurfing soccer bat fencing race swimming dance run archery anabolic steroid eritrea sligo american samoa ambidexterity bedford zahedan staten island rio de janeiro cleveland belo horizonte chad kempston samoa miami match fixing karaj arlesey st louis hobart fortaleza oregon queens long island disabled sports kilkenny tehran indianapolis são paulo pyongyang los angeles stotfold greater manchester glasgow polo dive exercise hunt sail football field skate fight base box hurdle crowd pass boating put dart court sweat bass team



sport athletics

Definition: an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition


Definition: the occupation of athletes who compete for pay

sport summercater

Definition: (Maine colloquial) a temporary summer resident of Maine


Definition: a person known for the way she (or he) behaves when teased or defeated or subjected to trying circumstances; "a good sport"; "a poor sport"

sport sportsman sportswoman

Definition: someone who engages in sports

mutant mutation variation sport

Definition: (biology) an organism that has characteristics resulting from chromosomal alteration

fun play sport

Definition: verbal wit or mockery (often at another's expense but not to be taken seriously); "he became a figure of fun"; "he said it in sport"

Definition: Any activity that uses physical exertion or skills competitively under a set of rules that is not based on aesthetics.


sport feature boast

Definition: wear or display in an ostentatious or proud manner; "she was sporting a new hat"

frolic lark rollick skylark disport sport cavort gambol frisk romp run around lark about

Definition: play boisterously; "The children frolicked in the garden"; "the gamboling lambs in the meadows"; "The toddlers romped in the playroom"

Definition: To amuse oneself, to play.

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