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milk animal moo bovine farm farm animal beef bull milk animal horse udders udder cattle mammal steer ox farms black calf dairy producer milk producer milking bovine animal milk giver giver moo animal sacred gives milk gives steak heifer black white white milking animal cow tipping agglutinin moo cow cowpool herdsman calver mombie unpleasant cowtail intimidate cow stall flank steak fardingbag moose mooey cow creamer dogcow leppy clap farding bag species varatti rhino doddy ogleshield milk sickness cowskin milker rodeo cat cow cow pat strokings herdswoman daisy jomo adult caerphilly cowpath page wire gomutra flatulence tax reticulum cattle prod cammocky veal lazy coweth vacci chock difficult foremilk damona vaccimulgence woman chuck female brie dzo morbier hawkie car dairy cattle kilishi noncow food low feeder cattle dung ruminant strip cows garget sook bos taurus cow hitch throw wedge strapper top round hathor retrovaccinate jersey headstock cowest elephant cowmilk moo moo whale trappist cheese bell cow bovicide retrovaccination gobar boanthropy smallstock cowl beefer cow bingo cowplop cowy hippo beefalo cowdung milking machine cattle drive goshala bail wagasi boose cowhouse dogie russia leather cowlike uncowable cowling gorgonzola manure ngoma drum setter stupid cleaning mulley cowing bulling cowed tabela cowness cowyard retrovaccine oxtail nkwobi disbudding carré de l est brake yakow goraksha chimney stripper scur kine sex jibbings cowbell down calver escutcheon stirk bovid cowpat bossy fat werecow yak seal cowshed danbo friesian manatee calved cowfoot cowdom cowless cow's milk cowpooling age overawe kaymak spean nasty cowshit carcake jersian meat anticow buffalopox mozzarella buttermilk mess cowpie neat cowheel buffalo udderly machine strippings grass leather dairy animal mooing utters four legs source spots has milk maker maker barn graze herd sheep female bull horns four legs producing sacred animal milk source barn animal hide pasture produces milk produces moos has udders sacred mammal field cud big animal big barnyard animal horns bell bell barnyard making making milk producing milk mooing animal milk mammal male steer male milked on farms has milk chicken four stomachs stomachs milk producing giving giving milk milk beef spotted cowhide animal milk home home animal hindu milky herbivore livestock calf mother mother ranch chewing cud chewing nipples provider beef animal milk provider pet pet animal beef source animal moo black spots utter bulls moo milk say say moo suede makes milk makes for milk hamburgers goes moo goes on farm dispenser milk dispenser domestic animal domestic milker animal large udder animal large animal milky mammal milked animal female bovine farm udders utters milk leghorn animal farm milk giving bovine mammal again bovine again female cattle farm bovine moo livestock bovine milk hooves domesticated wife saying saying moo hay wife bull hamburger



cow moo-cow

Definition: female of domestic cattle: "`moo-cow' is a child's term"


Definition: mature female of mammals of which the male is called `bull'


Definition: a large unpleasant woman

Definition: An adult female of the species Bos taurus, especially one that has calved.

Definition: A chimney cowl.

Definition: Acronym of copy-on-write.


overawe cow

Definition: subdue, restrain, or overcome by affecting with a feeling of awe; frighten (as with threats)

Definition: To intimidate; to daunt the spirits or courage of.

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