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fabric material white plant cloud fiber clothing soft cloth fluffy clothes natural wool shirt crop sock shirts sheep south slaves clothing material picked type textile boll southern grown white fluffy fluff natural fabric thread white fiber fluffy white plants plant fiber breathable ball mummy cloth cellucotton gabardine canton flannel cambric cassinette percale fenobucarb cotton gin tobe rove thickset batiste skip silver lace list foulard bedlinen gamucha drawing frame butter muslin toilinette gauze terrycloth union cloth velveret pledget candlewick jaconet moleskin cottonlike utrecht velvet scrim cotton stainer enumerated articles get on with empress cloth dotted swiss oilskin faille rot steep cotton wool wadding feather wool coburg regatta silesia surat willow cushma sliver pichvai pima quilt meemaw italian cottonseed velveteen grinding frame gossypol stretching frame wigan cyanoethylation crepoline flock fundoshi bafta domett crinoline tammy balbriggan cottonfield aeolian pique guzzy boll weevil spindle orleans barathea pullicate dutch carpet jamdani dressing gown cottonless lisle monkscloth regur burdet nep calico merino q tip percaline buckram seersucker lamé oose domestics sari quick match lawn doffer swanskin cotton boll ginhouse seed brilliant huckaback drab cotton velvet ferret muslinet broadcloth pyrothonide bat jelly powder maco suedette denim rag book cottonous cottonocracy stocking dook cheesecloth safari suit ventile terry devil corduroy charkha gin beaverteen bogolan pickery khaki peshtemal steeve benzopurpurin vegetable leather white gold cotton mouse cottonoid textiloma cottonwear iron man scutcher nidulant victoria crape candroy ticking gassing valencia sweatpants millinet balzarine mule capsule willying batting bombazine futon cretonne harvest fly linens airplane cloth brown goods cotton scale surplice vellum cloth chino cottonade fouta sateen noncotton domet marquisette croydon bengal stripes cotton picking terry cloth flannel combinations kalamkari mercerize silkette gossypium byssinosis mule twist khaddar scavenger wristwarmer adatis winceyette gingham tampon charcloth wicking diya tea towel sanitary napkin lisse poonam sanitary towel rakhi lint relationship ihram nettlecloth cottonness cantoon organdy fleece beetle polycotton footing georgette grandfather shirt baler satinet satin jean galatea nitrocellulose linenette cottony farmers satin jeans organic southern crop natural material puffy white fluff natural fiber clouds bolls picking making common buds balls fields rabbit cloth material puffs soft fabric white plant breathable fabric white fabric plant material grows slaves picked shirt fabric from plants clothes material white material slavery fibre shirt material flaxen soft material white cloth like like wool pick fabric material light georgia clothe white buds white ball fluffy plant southern plant plant fabric white puffs underwear clothing fiber field tee common fabric boles fabrics weevil flower soft white fibers fabric plant fabric type plant wool white puffy linen white balls candy fluffy candy soft cloth softness jean bale grows boles bush cloth type grown material georgia crop swab plantations dress natural fibre sheets organic fabric produce in shirts clothing fabric white soft underwear fabric made fluffy material made shirt plant product product picking it snow type fabric weevils breathable material make clothes make in clothing clothes fiber pillow cool tee shirts cash crop cash making shirts washable puffy plant weave swabs dress material for shirts pick bale type material organic material silk from plant textile crop flaxen fabric type cloth clothes fabric clothing plant white flower polyester ear ear swab production from fields clothe production seeds bottom white bud bud fabric jeans material type fluffy boll fabric fiber material organic bushes grows bushes soft fluffy short fabric soft georgia produce short fabric cloud gauze making fabric thin material thin denim material tee shirt fabric south sewing making clothes soft wool in clothes cloth thread plant clothes paper jean fabric stuffing common material boll weevils jeans fabric very common deep south deep very fluffy clouds crops from boll machine gin machine flax hundred hundred percent percent clothing felt from bush felt fields south boll plant soft thing plant south grown fiber use use clothing vegetable textile bush slaves pick cloths making cloths field picked black slaves slave slave picking light material jeans material black wearable wearable plant tree tree wool jean material white bolls white textile for clothes denim plant grown fabric clothing fibre woolly grown plant cultivated crop cultivated plantation textile clothe material on sheep spun spun gin plantation from sheep white clouds matter cool as soft linen fluffy ball plant picking threads egyptian shrinkable in pillow light weight weight cosmetic applicator applicator cosmetic for pillow sheet sheet material puffy white natural cloth material plant tail needs needs ironing white plants from south puffy clouds ironing bullet socks picking crop light clothing grow shirt cloth fields grow color summer grows bolls in fields slaves picking soft feel feel cool fabric slavery history history fuzzy flag bole weevil bole rabbit tail white boles been fur ten been picked medicine medicine cabinet cabinet wear has weevils wick bale material has fabric life shaped life furry ball shaped for ginning lambs for fabric silk fiber from lambs ginning sheep produce



cotton cotton fiber cotton wool

Definition: soft silky fibers from cotton plants in their raw state


Definition: fabric woven from cotton fibers

cotton cotton plant

Definition: erect bushy mallow plant or small tree bearing bolls containing seeds with many long hairy fibers


Definition: thread made of cotton fibers

Definition: Gossypium, a genus of plant used as a source of cotton fiber.



Definition: take a liking to; "cotton to something"

Definition: To provide with cotton.

Definition: To supply with a cotton wick.

Definition: To get on with someone or something; to have a good relationship with someone.


Definition: Made of cotton.

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