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plant plants baby growing beginning small baby plant planting grain nut embryo fruit egg plant beginning pod starter plant embryo plant baby flower grow acorn plant egg growing plants plant starter tiny shell origin reproduction ground food tree germination planted part preemergent lint drill jatrophic therophyte niopo african nutmeg niblet aniseed cumin allochory campylospermous stone fruit seedlot seeding sesame oil hypocotyl granivore multisiliquous nonseed mahwa tree endocarp halopriming allocate carvone jarina burr apple seed warharmi thistledown myrmecochory coconut milk reseedable seedline seedful omphalode vasculiferous download fruitification ben oil pentacoccous nutmeggy bitter almond animated oat poonga oil chiropterochory xanthospermous metayer harmala alkaloid locust bean gum bolt fava spermophytic sarcobasis stone oilseed radish stickweed bisexual soybean oilseed cake mustard oil ornithochorous stalk episperm hydroseeding silique glyoxysome twinberry seedless oil mill peaberry harrow ben exozoochory seeds emberizine egusi sprout ultimate gingilli mabinlin nucamentaceous nicker nut chorous cryptogam seed down phytomelan lentil calabar bean pigeon pea oilseed coleorhiza uva birdfeed chlorospermous pentaspermous xanthoxylene agamospermy jequirity thermopriming seedtime annonin ramtil pejibaye pyxidium start corngate hotbed pteridophyte caytonialean fruitify chiropterochorous awari monoembryony autochory gin hempseed perisperm abernethy biscuit seedcorn apple core phanerogamic synaptospermy aril set endopleura spermatophorous polysperm semen go to seed saurochory lovebead trispermous polyspermous sesamoid rapeseed brown bagging limonin hull hydrochorous dillseed abscisic acid clock dorsiferous monospermal florida bean wattleseed diplochorous pichurim bean operculum tephrosin rattlepod cydonin seedlike epicotyl cotton seedlessness graphoepitaxy polyembryony ant rice seedling seminal seminiform calophyllolide sow tetraspermous fern spermato funicle pignolia seed vault cottonseed seedeater propagule cotton gin petroselinic acid seminary initial tanoak zoochory betel palm bean guarana erucic acid seedborne polychorous croton oil octolocular seminivorous bittorrent morisianine germen thevetin peppernut pepo cashew nut betel nut deadheading seedly mustard funiculus aigrette palaeophytic storage protein mesosperm guaje polyembryo y fenni cocoa bean gorli oil berth worm oil seedsman sunflower seeds photoblastic ricinine frijol myronic acid spermatophyte lariciresinol osmopriming parica podosperm seedset kernel hydropriming silicle mawseed emping graminivorous unhulled seednut myrmecochorous semination first flush orthospermous coronule achiote seedcase spawn reseed candlenut furikake sabadine chaulmoogric acid anthropochory samaroid oilpressing pine nut ornithochore seedhouse cohoba mericarp seedpod vivipary loukaniko corn areca nut buckeye fertilize sunseed st ignatius bean sinapine acrospire dehisce agrovet peritropal topsetting myxospermy galactin evening primrose oil pasteli desert fruit cake colchicum sinalbin cruciferin sarcoderm seedhead mast seeding seeder zoochore supreme til seed masala sesame kayamb ovule mabinlang loment lupinin seedest hydrochore monospermous sabadilla pippy miliary jojoba macadamia nut seedeth medullosalean pseudocereal vegetable ivory taxine phaseolin ornithochory hydrochory betel algarovilla pepita viviparous spore tonka bean edestin retinaculum laburnine pteridosperm red rice polycotyledon aspermous kalonji dragon's beard candy coconut resow seed wool deseed grapeseed whitetop dika fennel hilum diamond square algorithm barochory seeded berry cosmozoa polypyrenous top dress precursor apricot bittersweet seedzone dhansak echinacea true to seed naked seed birdseed ololiuhqui indutive graniferous pinder unseeded prolamine flaxseed stock down endozoochorous osteolathyrism propagator mesofossil exalbuminous dukkah carpolite starch grapestone gurt asili oligospermous spiricle herb bindi allseed fenugreek poppyseed overseed mustard plaster fertilized broad bean caraway comfit hydroseed gymnosperm malvalic acid hydrochoric fern seed saunf pumpkinseed campylotropous karanjin sexlocular oat germinate seed plant angiospermous oilpresser anemochory preformation myrmecochore ajmoda hayseed phanerogam physic nut carpology annatto castor bean finch tallow tree bran heartseed sumbala file epizoochorous microseeding seed coat seedbed pea pod germ preseed multiseed seedbox egret endosperm pappus seminose hosho black bean soya bean chichling loculament mesocotyl raphanin chawanmushi blowball murumuru biofact gymnospermous head rattlebox amaranth granivorous horse chestnut quaker buttons seedbearing octospermous disperser vetch caruncle bowman birk protease inhibitor checkrow dibber dib parrotbill seminiferous pea pit cicatricle phytomelanin cotyledon samariform cacoon musk seed allyl isothiocyanate microseed seedeating kitniyot nitta calabash nutmeg linseed oil clearing nut niger biopriming rocoa diszoochory grape stone malabar nut nutmeg kaladana seed stock caulicle before bird food bird flowers fruits growth garden plant origin little offspring sunflower plant part trees sapling inside plant reproduction hard unborn unborn plant early grows grow plant new potential source soil for planting apple dirt pebble grower sperm speck life plant germ reproductive sand pip growing trees infant crops flower beginning germinating apples very very small flax beginning plant coating inside fruit small pod starting embryonic embryonic plant plant offspring watermelon in watermelon round from plant plant sapling fruit reproduction infant plant planting garden plant grower early plant hard shell plants beginning dropping plant dropping item plants germinate plant them tiny plant plants grow grow crops makes makes flowers before flower many apples sunflower eat eat plant source inside fruits pellet reproductive part embryonic plants plant it plant bay bay germination source growth potential progeny fruits plants plant progeny new plants husk plant husk early flower before plants sunflowers small things grain sand producer in ground baby tree small stone reproductive bit bit inside apple regeneration plant grows plant regeneration cone little corn tree embryo little grain vegetables fruits vegetables life starter small origins origins growing plant plant starting little plant plant acorn you plant starting tree birth plant grow plant birth grow plants under under dirt growth starter ovum flower baby baby flower crop pollen gets plant spawn gets planted germinated eventually plant eventually small nut pods tree sapling tree grower sunflower food growing flowers garden item small life from plants tree egg essential growing essential roots for growing reproducing reproducing thing plant potential grains little grains hard nut middle apples middle poppy eating new plant pill lead is planted sowing sprouts small pit rice small dot dot plant garden flower before before growing grows new agricultural bulb pine sown item being being planted sown smaller packet capability in packet growing capability oranges plantings germination beginning fruit part germinating plant growing potential it germinates planting flowers plant originates corn reproduction plant beginnings beginnings germinating thing originates germinates flowers beginning mud beginning fruit plant infant in fruit plant producer acorns sunflowers origin plants apple contains acorns offshoot beginning flower plant offshoot yet contains packets produce grown plant plant grain agent plant produce beginner flower origin sunflower tidbit tidbit grown plant beginner growing agent grass grain nascent plant flower life producer babies plant nut nascent plant boy scrotum before plant plant matter germination pod scrotum plant babies boy matter grass from flowers before sapling




Definition: a small hard fruit


Definition: a mature fertilized plant ovule consisting of an embryo and its food source and having a protective coat or testa

seeded player seed

Definition: one of the outstanding players in a tournament

source seed germ

Definition: anything that provides inspiration for later work

semen seed seminal fluid ejaculate cum come

Definition: the thick white fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated by the male genital tract

Definition: A fertilized and ripened ovule, containing an embryonic plant.



Definition: go to seed; shed seeds; "The dandelions went to seed"


Definition: help (an enterprise) in its early stages of development by providing seed money


Definition: bear seeds

sow seed

Definition: place (seeds) in or on the ground for future growth; "She sowed sunflower seeds"


Definition: distribute (players or teams) so that outstanding teams or players will not meet in the early rounds


Definition: sprinkle with silver iodide particles to disperse and cause rain; "seed clouds"


Definition: inoculate with microorganisms


Definition: remove the seeds from; "seed grapes"

Definition: To plant or sow an area with seeds.

Definition: simple past tense and past participle of see

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