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yellow vegetable cob food crop maize grain kernels ears ear plant on cob yellow vegetable cereal yellow kernels veggie stalk farm kernel pop flakes ethanol field yellow grain husk grown fields yellow food stalks maze cob vegetable popping yellow ears popped farm crop movie rubaboo corncob cornstarch cornflour corns tortilla chip spoonbread corned beef feedgrain barley mealie asian corn borer bandster floss baby corn kokama multure grit seedcorn dreshel cornshucking brunswick stew shuckery nubbin breadcorn pandebono trugg dent leazings graniform banku cornstalk steelbow firlot victualler footpad clavus cheese puff corn crib puffcorn cornsheller tesgüino shucker off corn blue corn smuttings windle flint johnny cake thirdings cheesy puff corn smut chicken scratch busk taquito frumentation corn roast cornmill cornfed metecorn molasses cane fork succotash husker cornmarket gait three sisters cornbind frumentarious sweet corn cornsack spicose yokeag corngate zea mays ring tolldish corn syrup asham cornfield corn roaster reap silver huevos rancheros boothman popcorn popper average tostado kern baby oats granulate bourbon corncutter milldust pretassel niblet heloma gambo avercorn mow cornhusk jabber cocktion popper callus roastnear horn ail gin cornlike rash cornland wheat cornless seed fonofos coomb oklahoma humita congiary kakro cheese doodle cornloft quern starch zein cheese curl farms eat pea sweet fuel like cobs popular food plant husks kernels cob type ingredient kernel vegetable eating yellow veggie agricultural seeds yellow seeds circles crop circles vegetable yellow edible food crop yellow maize popular grain tortillas farmer on cobs ear vegetable ear of breakfast indian bits small chip yellow cob yellow kernel cucumber iowa agricultural grain farm food butter pop something treat farmers sweet vegetable yellow cereal theaters movie theaters cob stalk flake pieces summer grain vegetable field grown tall n n cob midwest food midwest vegetable ear grass maize ear nebraska like oats color small yellow nebraska crop yellow color long grown fields maize crop animals yellow beads grains beads crop type farmer crop cereal crop ears kernels husk vegetable vegetables growing cereal ingredient edible plant produce eat pop like wheat indian maze plant ear farmers crop yellow crop product grown farms for flakes kernels ears grain food on stalks ears cobs field vegetable starchy vegetable starchy bio fuel bio dash flakes dash like maize breakfast flakes children of children midwestern crop fields popped ears midwestern food ethanol crop mexican mexican chip in cereals cereals kernel ear bird oil bird food grown food stalk plant grown crop cows eat cows crops stalk cob grain crop yellow parts parts sweet yellow buds movie treat yellow buds yellow pieces candy vegetable type summer vegetable leaves tortilla hog hog food tall plant feeding ethanol ingredient feeding animals yellow plant flake ingredient vegetable ears popular wheat biologic fuel biologic yellow ear yellow long green ears stalks yellow green fructose vegetable crop high fructose derived bushel high bushel of ethanol derived indian maize fuel meal staple food staple meal cattle cattle eat popped treat what ear grain stalk yellow what starch food maize sweet food many kernels food type shucked in field growing food origin food pant field crop ethanol origin pant husk cob can kernel food ear crop is yellow grown ears grown iowa iowa crop teeth yellow teeth mash thanksgiving barbeque many pieces dinners microwave thanksgiving dinners food grain crow fruit summer food bubbles yellow bubbles yellow husk in movies movies yellow bits cylinder yellow nubs farm product tin in tin nubs jiffy jiffy pop ears of husks ears canned cob ears in farm crop food small bits tall stalks pops it pops pigs confusion pigs eat is food banana kernel cob cans large large fields rows bumpy rice ears cob hot good good hot cornmeal in cornmeal yellow nuggets nuggets agricultural product harvest agricultural seed maize vegetable harvest vegetable cooking popping vegetable picnic swelling picnic vegetable usually popped usually hay edible yellow ears vegetable husked golden flakes breakfast iowa vegetable golden vegetable make farm agriculture agriculture methanol methanol veggie farmers fields growing wheat yellow wheat veg yellow veg make tortillas has kernels has



corn maize Indian corn Zea mays

Definition: tall annual cereal grass bearing kernels on large ears: widely cultivated in America in many varieties; the principal cereal in Mexico and Central and South America since pre-Columbian times


Definition: the dried grains or kernels or corn used as animal feed or ground for meal

corn edible corn

Definition: ears of corn that can be prepared and served for human food

corn clavus

Definition: a hard thickening of the skin (especially on the top or sides of the toes) caused by the pressure of ill-fitting shoes


Definition: (Great Britain) any of various cereal plants (especially the dominant crop of the region--wheat in Great Britain or oats in Scotland and Ireland)

corn whiskey corn whisky corn

Definition: whiskey distilled from a mash of not less than 80 percent corn


Definition: something sentimental or trite; "that movie was pure corn"

Definition: The main cereal plant grown for its grain in a given region, such as oats in parts of Scotland and Ireland, and wheat or barley in England and Wales.

Definition: A type of callus, usually on the feet or hands.

Definition: Something (e.g. acting, humour, music, or writing) which is deemed old-fashioned or intended to induce emotion.

Definition: A type of granular snow formed by repeated melting and refreezing, often in mountain spring conditions.



Definition: feed (cattle) with corn


Definition: preserve with salt; "corned beef"

Definition: to granulate; to form a substance into grains

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