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chicken oval yolk white food bird shell nest baby chickens chick breakfast hen round product lays scrambled ovum lay birds embryo bicoid ovothiol seed ova unborn breakfast food from chicken before laid chicken product offspring white oval roe boiled hatches chicken lays chicken baby hard hatch unborn chicken hens before chicken ball chicken embryo baby chicken robin's egg blue bavaroise ectolecithal oviparous eggs caviar choux pastry avidin battery meroblast easter egg nurseryfish larviparous ovomacroglobulin rumfustian blastomere yellow goog cross fostering kedgeree obovate eclosure strict vegetarian eggbeater glyconin addle ovoinhibitor ovulate ooplasm dough eggless fatu liva jamaican patty eggwhisk ovipositioning nonparous ovarious lecithal ichthin pea maggot egglike biscotin oostegite boilie neck ovulist hemimetabolism oogonium polyembryony lokshen polyembryo eclosion key lime pie prototherian buddha's delight endometrium paedophagy ovulite ichthidin germinal disk nonegg ovaliform 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lactoovovegetarian eggceptional genoa cake chicken or egg question addling breading egging polar body ovivorous triaulic chickenarian ellipsoidal chocolate egg vitelline quenelle obnoxious chorion diandry viviparous frikadelle kugelis long egg eggmass shrove tuesday extraovular egg squash queen of puddings nit siredon epigenesis battery cage ichthine three letter rule spherical granny's fanny apple snow eggy bread ovotestis sorbet arrenotokous egg pasta haplodiploidy albugineous blastokinesis intrauterine device megaloolithid wiener schnitzel clutchmate megapode oodiaulic ovicide germarium tsourekia salisbury steak larviposit bibimbap egged easter egg roll eggling egg shaped ovicular platypus hard boil eggnant prehatching semi identical shirr ovorubin vitelliform fundatrix cytoplasmic determinant discoblastic duchess potatoes cicatricle interclutch gribiche lumberjack breakfast layer ovo stonewort laying hen egg bound eggler dizygotic oofamily egg case hatching uniparous copenhagen 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cysticercosis butty eggshell egg bank crab cake piping moo shu oviferous whisk cackle huevo ruffle calmegin egg drop tiropita gala pie shakshuka pre embryo sandwich cake chlordimeform ovotoxin tonnarelli heterosynthesis androdiaulic shortcake hyperovulation fios de ovos archegonium synovigenesis tritovum shrimp toast tamagoyaki birds lay inside hen lays from hen bird lays yolk white small white round round white bird baby ovary chicken laid birth hard boiled fried shelled bacon chickens lay chicken offspring edible easter from chickens produce laying bird offspring shape dairy baby bird output poached chicken lay shell yolk chicken produce child chicken womb womb omelet source sphere chicken output hatched yoke in nest oval shape chicken ovary kashrut bird product ingredient white shell scrambled fried scrambled poached hard shell reproduction lemon ovular hen product eat protein first albumin eating chicken oval yolks which young eye what what hatches omelettes it hatches soft boiled soft came over easy over easy container has has yolk chicken ova in shell nests chicken laying bird ova dairy product fist chicken hatches unborn chick blue making before birth making chickens hens product chicken or hen hatch eaten drop yolk shell chicken ovum bacon and hens lay cooking chicken source chicken fetus fetus oval food roll bird ovary food yolk oval white grocery chicken shell scramble refrigerator it is animal product animal sperm bird embryo hen baby birthday with yolk young chicken ovarian white sphere tasty tasty scrambled yellow inside chicken hatched incredible edible incredible home good small round chickens baby breakfast good chickens bum birds baby in chicken oval shaped bum shaped hatch from boiling laid oval shelled food yolk of unhatched nest object object hen ovum as before cake hen embryo yoke shell fridge scrambling chicken mother mother cholesterol roundish from birds which came infant bird infant round ball produces precursor chicken precursor chicken produces small oval baby container spawn breakfast oval chicken spawn birds offspring chicken birth chicken hatch embryonic for breakfast embryonic bird small white by chicken ovoid white bird child chicken inside eatable chicken seed boiled scrambled from hens bird seed hens ovum sulphur hen laid shelled thing hens ova delicacy breakfast delicacy yolk container baby incubator chick hatches cell scramble it unborn bird farms white food baby inside comes comes chickens bird butts butts birds hatch round shape holds holds yolk delicate oval breakfast item hatching birds delicate item chicken bird from bird round thing yolk source after after laying hatching young chick inside house hen house yellow center center store grocery store shelled home oval shell white yolk birthing grocery stores stores dome agony hen child ovulation chicken production production circular golf ball golf unhatched chicken chick incubator chicken unhatched breakable bird reproduction frustrated person scrambled boiled person frustrated scrambled chick unhatched bird omelet ingredient chicken unborn fried scrambles scrambled yolk scrambles often often scrambled liquid chicken liquid chicken yolks chicken babies babies omelette source chicken child chicken ovoid chicken first chickens hatch omelette food for scramble chicken food female chickens chickens oval circle white small yolk inside orb make dropping bird dropping chicken orb round food chicken make fried boiled yolks white chicken nests the chick baby covering chick covering baby chick bird origin for omelets omelets hatched young ovoid edible chicken nest early chicken early ellipse ellipse food bird oval excellent origin they hatch stinky sandwich hen produce female reproductive experiment sandwich reproductive hen output stinky for food yellow white in cakes its birds nest goose lays goose custard bird home its laid cakes whip inside hen procreation




Definition: animal reproductive body consisting of an ovum or embryo together with nutritive and protective envelopes; especially the thin-shelled reproductive body laid by e.g. female birds

egg eggs

Definition: oval reproductive body of a fowl (especially a hen) used as food

testis testicle orchis ball ballock bollock nut egg

Definition: one of the two male reproductive glands that produce spermatozoa and secrete androgens; "she kicked him in the balls and got away"

Definition: An approximately spherical or ellipsoidal body produced by birds, reptiles, insects and other animals, housing the embryo during its development.

Definition: Initialism of electroglottography.



Definition: throw eggs at


Definition: coat with beaten egg; "egg a schnitzel"

Definition: To throw eggs at.

Definition: To encourage, incite.

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