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ball oort cloud thyrosphere elliptization spherophakia spectrosome spherical cone perispherical lydion yolk round bottomed flask staphylococcus location meroplasmodium micrococcus spheral sphery metasurface microspherophakia cap flask calcospherite voltzite enterosphere sphero oncolite spherand citrus spherograph point bait ball soft matte superdeformed spherobacteria coccoid glomerate ellipticity string of beads glenosphere bubble convexed superdeformation coccus flail grapefruit moniliform burrfish kokeshi aplanatism hystrichosphere cyclide spheroidal gliosphere orbed sphere astrology bronchosphere cherry bomb sphericalness lentiglobus myoball kerr geometry wormball pleochroic halo globular global peptosome globe of world blastula cheeseball conisphere conglobate bauble hyperdeformed round shot spherize tumorosphere otosphere globularist fishbowl ascococcus quasispherical hyperellipsoid coordinate gobstopper bathysphere castlebuilder egg comparative spheric alligator apple pancreatosphere medullosphere obrotund round spherite hosohedron rollerball excess nonspherical van de graaff generator beetball biomorphism subsphere accretion shock radius pebble bed reactor jingle bell bonbon rotund spherogenesis lymphocyte cul de four pick body aspherical melanosphere globe globulous napiform sphericity sarcosphere astronomy prostasphere atlas stone globoid oolite jawbreaker streptococcus orbicular ovarian follicle globosity holmos angle globate system cydippid amylospheroid dynabeads spherulite radiohalo supersphere soft focus doublet balloon globularly mitochondrion superlative sphaeridium microspherulite globular cluster wollaston's doublet petrosphere globulite trica myosphere plane map projection thunderegg orbic best form lens deformation energy uniball eye moon apple drop earth dome




Definition: of or relating to spheres or resembling a sphere; "spherical geometry"

ball-shaped global globose globular orbicular spheric spherical

Definition: having the shape of a sphere or ball; "a spherical object"; "nearly orbicular in shape"; "little globular houses like mud-wasp nests"- Zane Grey

Definition: Shaped like a sphere.

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