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planet ground our moon our planet world space middle earth globe land soil round dirt earthless sublunary sphere terra geoengineering third north pole sun geo mother earth earthlike earthish terrene home hill continent we name live blue terrestrian plutonism isochasm nutation exogenic bury earthican semidiameter gaia asthenosphere globemaking terraceous schumann resonance pedosphere primordial soup regolith earth stopping re entry grounding the terre verte carry p 2 orbit ringfort southern hemisphere cologne earth radar horizon afterlife berm earthspace avalanche hydrospace blindage dendrogeomorphology apocalypse slide mesoplanet prebiotic organic synthesis astronomical unit carbon based wandering jew intratelluric agartha heliocentrism bradyseism geognosis demeter amillennialism isocryme tectonic weapon geospace blue green alga electrically astronomical year turbah earthbank tawara troposphere skywave doomsday weapon terreplein umbra calcareosiliceous micropulsation earthling around world tellural electrojet proto earth rock record lunar eclipse precession of equinoxes armillary sphere physiography scarcement subsoil extraterrestrial planetary aberration terrace oxygen revolution shothole space satellite epeirogenesis earthese landfill tellurian geb argillocalcareous geocentric lunar mansion extrasolar pyrolite float magnetical hotbed grey goo habitable zone ki terranean rna world pingo arte povera geophagist geomagnetism earther supercontinent torino scale milky way galaxy geoponic palaeoclimatology trioctile vertical deflection gaiaism exogeomorphology subaerialist great circle route apollo unearthed exoatmospherically chasma physical geography midgard cosmosphere pipe meteor shower goddess circumterrestrial solar constant proxigean spring tide yaodong loxodrome goldilocks zone venus zone earthbound voltage earthboy motte life zone hako ingress thermal lithosphere killow magnetometer lunisolar calendar metamorphic rock french navvy inferior humanosphere antipodes space debris skylight ultratelluric subtropical mountain geonomy midsphere graben rammed earth human earthboard schuler pendulum landsat barnard's star antipodean paleocontact exoterrene goldschmidt classification seismogenic zone seismology sidereal year geomorphic earthward geogonic quintessence riddance impact winter xorn jade emperor up sloam relais my very educated mother just served us nachos planet earth atmosphere mesozoic tripoli powder nearside earthstorm warping bank aeration zone earth plate geophilia meridian geolatry rock gnome terraneous anomalistic year antiearth tectonic plate nuclearite strainmeter hump umu earths antichthones appendix:planets geodynamo craton tropical astrology air navigation gaia hypothesis eden super earth earthgirl circumterraneous cornish hedge stellar day earthman space shuttle isotherombrose current libration western hemisphere terraculture geocide earthborn international date line geothermal earthest base roller pole star seismic earthly earth station yerth geophysiology my very educated mother just served us nine pumpkins shaft peridotite upheaval kordylewski cloud solar eclipse mechanical lithosphere my very educated mother just served us noodles magnetic north planetquake geochemistry inferior planet downwarp superlunar geophagic seeing spaceship earth annual aberration earth fast lynchet geology surface etymology dry closet terraforming siderophile stratimetry sidereal astrology precession geosphere geoselenic retaining wall temperate zone exoatmospheric transearth teapotist tectonism nammu cathole earthship paleoatmosphere terrigenous chthonic netherworld fox earthside climate change geocorona epaulement frigid zone pachamama igneous rock proxima centauri hubble law tulou space capsule ground level upthrust sunlight rheological lithosphere earthlit hydrothermal vent land artist arctic isostasy necropanspermia old earth creationism terrane syzygy coyote oil well cosmozoa embankment globe of world floss degree young earth creationism geosynclinal inner solar system washdirt nether geophysics cataclysm flood geology eurasia sol iii geocidal space guidance earthwards molehill seism neotectonics chemosphere leap second earth day orthometric isobathytherm rockfill hide cyclonic ocean current offworld sidereal time exosolar preadamite cryosphere south pole magnetosphere terrestrial planet geosyncline grave teegeeack hydrosphere turbopause biogeology subsidence lunar phase magnetic reversal déblai downmass earthian earthhole ampelite teapotism solar year deep space equinoctial stardust mudpack formicary raëlism eructation plane sailing radial velocity projection aerospace sedimentary rock hollow earther space weather radiogeology earthwork globularist hyades geocyclic biosphere hubble constant sif geostratigraphy unearth balk skyline ellipsoid terrestrially turf seismic lithosphere northern hemisphere telegeodynamics personification geophage paleomagnetism geoprobe geophagous terra sigillata burrow exo ocean russell's teapot fictile stufa aquifer molecast pleiades globemaker solar day heaven keeling curve hadean terrestrial coaccretion equator earthwoman solar calendar earthrise break new ground unearthly mohorovičić discontinuity nether region terran axis of rotation bhumi eartheth paleoclimate selenoid elemental barometric pressure lightning arrester eastern hemisphere hemisphere sky amor barrow mohole microtremor true north strontia nonearthed gaian magnetarium dig spanish brown hypabyssal zoogenesis brokenhillite lunar distance palaetiology earthen isograd landscraper orogeny geologic time scale map projection millimeter of mercury mantle embank den substructure extramundane geophagism graticule earthite understratum space probe counter earth exogeography aldebaran grounded lithophile terraform life earthie earthhood lunar month geocentric coordinate time fertile geoid place abiosphere uniformism crustal copernican revolution geoelectricity intraterrestrial woman seismic wave earth science cappagh brown adobe superhabitable amphigean superhabitable planet upmass goldilocks planet michigan basement space communication tumulus embedded superterrestrial rove deterration cosmic joker shake hydrognosy lithogeochemistry equatorial dobson unit elementology remblai waning celestial object subaerialism telluric current earth overshoot day astrometeorology lair lunar year earthlight tektite gaea corbeil geoneutrino inner planet earth grazing pangaea pyrheliometer end of world epigene mother goddess major planet geodesy nonterrestrial diatomite terraqueous graveyard orbit geoheliocentrism groundwave madreporier solar system dojin overskies earthy cloud ceiling archaeomagnetism eight thousander window box motte and bailey reentrant age pay dirt geotectonics tectosilicate day carbon cycle geoscopy conservation biology earthport subduction zone endogenic tectonic planetary scintillation calcareoargillaceous eartheater extraterrestrialization subterrestrial geogeny earthing break ground pisé nife earthed geodephagous indian red van allen radiation belt tropics nantosuelta dirt bed star trail geocryology solar radiation sublunary milky way magnetopause translunar extraterrestrially first cosmic velocity global warming planetical plutonic indo asia rapture chemical lithosphere geostatic arch backhoe nüwa kistvaen lithosphere blue planet insolation spot beam monopole extraplanetary sphere earthlore clod peak oil earthness tellurion gibbous moon horizon geoisotherm cislunar ice age uncape earthperson bath brick kelvin wave chimborazo geostatic plume geostrophic geomodelling fault line air majorite terrella earthbag empedocles dorodango geohash sidereal day earth return vehicle shooting star primordial sea geanticlinal barysphere standard gravity earth mass geography year celestial body sea ours mud our home we live sand continents marble planet name element us our world here people quake mars blue marble plant whole oceans third rock third planet below below us nature home planet mother big living humans our plant planet here fire and fire mud planet oil science our globe water we are wind round big rotation large humanity all humanity lived on lived whole planet whole world venus on it peace nation round planet human beings beings clay ground dirt dirt clay gravity tin trees revolution live on green blue green substance ground stuff stuff out planet mercury round huge out huge men human planet planet ours plant name core seven continents seven stone salt mud name sol countries hello ball living ball floor mole our abode abode lives ocean continents oceans dirt soil garden everything venus mars us on system solar one moon planets upon living upon spherical like like soil soil planet fissure



Earth earth world globe

Definition: the 3rd planet from the sun; the planet we live on; "the Earth moves around the sun"; "he sailed around the world"

earth ground

Definition: the loose soft material that makes up a large part of the land surface; "they dug into the earth outside the church"

land dry land earth ground solid ground terra firma

Definition: the solid part of the earth's surface; "the plane turned away from the sea and moved back over land"; "the earth shook for several minutes"; "he dropped the logs on the ground"

Earth earth

Definition: the abode of mortals (as contrasted with Heaven or Hell); "it was hell on earth"


Definition: once thought to be one of four elements composing the universe (Empedocles)

worldly concern earthly concern world earth

Definition: the concerns of this life as distinguished from heaven and the afterlife; "they consider the church to be independent of the world"

ground earth

Definition: a connection between an electrical device and a large conducting body, such as the earth (which is taken to be at zero voltage)

Definition: Soil.



Definition: hide in the earth like a hunted animal


Definition: connect to the earth; "earth the circuit"

Definition: To connect electrically to the earth.

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