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pipe tobacco pipe

Definition: a tube with a small bowl at one end; used for smoking tobacco

pipe pipage piping

Definition: a long tube made of metal or plastic that is used to carry water or oil or gas etc.

pipe tube

Definition: a hollow cylindrical shape


Definition: a tubular wind instrument

organ pipe pipe pipework

Definition: the flues and stops on a pipe organ

Definition: Meanings relating to a wind instrument.

Definition: A wind instrument consisting of a tube, often lined with holes to allow for adjustment in pitch, sounded by blowing into the tube.

Definition: Acronym of private investment in public equity.


shriek shrill pipe up pipe

Definition: utter a shrill cry


Definition: transport by pipeline; "pipe oil, water, and gas into the desert"


Definition: play on a pipe; "pipe a tune"


Definition: trim with piping; "pipe the skirt"

Definition: To play (music) on a pipe instrument, such as a bagpipe or a flute.

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