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baby hen bird girl young small rooster baby bird yellow egg animal baby hen slang poultry hot fowl female woman hot girl feathers eggs little young hen baby rooster easter farm young bird small bird small hen baby poultry fluffy cute baby fowl babe duck baby animal child chicken hens wings hatched laying hen muttonbirding brooder chicklike autosexing nestle cock pullus chicken little blind sir philip sidney game chickdom eaglet cluck window chicky poult chicks mother hen chickhood chickling chicked bamboo muttonbirder chookie twine doorway slit chicklet screen foul fuzz beak from egg young rooster young girl tiny slang girl yellow feathers baby duck slang woman fluffy yellow little bird cute girl nest little hen fur farm animal yellow fuzz little rooster goose young poultry fluff coop offspring duckling newborn mother downy feathers downy hatched egg infant hen baby small poultry hen offspring farms young fowl hen house house farm bird two baby foul hot babe female bird rooster dad dad out out of down slang female pullet baby pullet female child yellow hen in eggs women tiny hen girl slang barnyard fowl barnyard movie hip girl hip fluffy feathers name fuzzy yellow fluff fuzzy yellow baby egg bird baby roost baby roost yellow fur eggs easter hens baby mouse small fowl one hen infant bird little animal person yellow wings it is egg hatches hatches love hen child boobs yellow feathery bird child feathery makes makes eggs easter eggs two leg leg child hen young woman yellow bird easter bird grown egg grown small rooster pejorative yellow down girl pejorative young lady lady teenage teenage girl beautiful girl woman colloquial colloquial hot female beautiful young foul small animal fowl girl looking nice laying laying eggs legs looking nice two legs its its mother barn barn animal duck baby cute wings hens child lay eggs lay flavor nestling slur female slur egg hatched female rooster woman slang being human human being food post post egg avian avian animal layer egg layer fit fit bird very young very vulgar mother bird eating vulgar slang or girl hot woman fathers ladies ladies name girls girl woman girl movie tiny bird yellow baby cute animal animal baby ball yellow puffball fluff ball puffball easter decoration vocabulary decoration guys vocabulary guys yellow fluffy poultry bird high schools schools high but but small child bird yellow animal hen houses tenders houses is small flicks movie flicks nests like hen like canary birds peep relation pinfeathers relation birds farmyard baby turkey farmyard offspring rooster make points make points rooster baby rosters baby rosters becomes egg becomes description girl description inside egg related eggs type cute thing inside of baby shortened name shortened type of related rooster hen easter hen female hen female slang



chick biddy

Definition: young bird especially of domestic fowl

dame doll wench skirt chick bird

Definition: informal terms for a (young) woman

Definition: A young bird.

Definition: A screen or blind made of finely slit bamboo and twine, hung in doorways or windows.


Definition: To sprout, as seed does in the ground; to vegetate.

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