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round plate ring circle circularity cir circus ring rice cake circular saw stuffer three ring circus handbill junk mail fisheye lens cloak door knocker major diameter gene cassette automorphic raise borer cyclorama slash brush wheel flier astragal slipmat oroheliograph subcircular cubinder dial circlewise mr magoo glasses circuitous circularized stone money maxicircle gyroradius lunette trephine tealight distribute patera ba wan inferior minicircle roundhouse monopteron circularly ruff legend advertisement booklet epicycloidal wheel pamphlet cromlech swashplate decircularize iris diaphragm ellipticity traffic circle treadle ringwall roundshield edge mill squirrel cage virginia reel michelin tire baby syndrome hamster wheel torus moody chart spotface moongate flyer rotund leaflet roundel disk quasicircular circulars wank nutate orbiculate yin yang jam penny gyrofrequency honey extractor bustle round file rolling windows shape pernot furnace circular cone morris water maze chorea gyro fairy fort rose window noncircular infinitely fisheye cyclarthrosis loop bullet hole printed mass beauty mark chicken roll semiannular devil's rings snap ring merry go round ball flower mon pantheon synchrotron trepan mean bitter electromagnet graduction moving gyre protractor hair tie airflare vorton arcograph orbicular bagel head minor diameter brochure corral orbic minimum sector altitude coracle nutation bucket bag circularness turntable rotunda circle strafe lampshade hat roundabout vault circular file paraboloid münchhausen trilemma flighter portholing circle pit catalogue cappelletti cyclic encircle round tuit orthoradial pyloromyotomy recursive circularin rift saw hoop earring halo bazlama porthole effleurage pie menu circlet colour wheel tangential velocity circus circler directive karahi circular letter eddy hot saw blue hole coin terete gyroperiod tomoe tambour balance board circlelike videodrome uncircular spin round like round off disc lava dome distribution crokinole wheel window ellipsoid rondache ringfort ringwork o ring strop notice lunulite germinal disk rationalization hamster circulatory müller's muscle nest pizza farm eccentric nicker reuleaux triangle doorknob rice distribution administration hohmann transfer orbit question begging sleeveless circularization compass saw circular firing squad circularize turtles all way down hand bill virusoid peltiform rondavel racetrack merit badge squinch clava cairn hand pie bitter plate ovaliform photodisk circularizer secchi disk daisywheel printer ball around rub record point roll clock adjective turn globe motion coil rounded column sphere round circle tower can cone egg description round description



circular handbill bill broadside broadsheet flier flyer throwaway

Definition: an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution; "he mailed the circular to all subscribers"

Definition: Synonym of flyer: a printed advertisement, directive, or notice intended for mass circulation.


Definition: To distribute circulars to or at.


round circular

Definition: having the shape or form of a circle

circular rotary orbitual

Definition: describing a circle; moving in a circle; "the circular motion of the wheel"

Definition: Of or relating to a circle.

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