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birthday birth baby middleborn borning bornless seaborn coda childbed social slaveborn spaniard quintuplet rank multiple birth afterborn neonatometer kagutsuchi unbirth nonbirth born to purple mother country postremogeniture in stream to sabra order autochthonal production baby thirdborn aborning mother naked aborn preborn neonate unborn litter freeborn foreign born on wrong side of blanket borned secondborn maternity native soil chronological age onlyborn bbc brother german borne postgeniture preemie before someone's time viviparous sextuplet birthplace fire ybore date of birth glint in milkman's eye autochthonic native misbegotten birthsite pretermitted child born with silver spoon in one's mouth liveborn young give birth newborn trigeminous full born ogbanje god's ape birthhood connascent bear slinkskin term birthed life activity new nee alive delivery become giving birth giving beget from mom mom action past come new life enter world world enter age infant out being becoming becoming alive first day day first event christmas baby delivery new baby become person person participle past participle hospital into existence existence into be alive become alive come alive birth action beginning began began life being birthed infant activity birth moment moment died child came came to out uterus uterus newly newly birthed be birthed have birth have how here how here come out birth event describing describing life begin life begin birthday activity on birthday status baby status beauty babies do babies do being birth hospitals natal natal activity die



Born Max Born

Definition: British nuclear physicist (born in Germany) honored for his contributions to quantum mechanics (1882-1970)

Definition: Alternative spelling of burn (a stream)


Definition: past participle of bear; given birth to.

Definition: Alternative spelling of burn (with fire etc.)



Definition: brought into existence; "he was a child born of adultery"

natural born innate

Definition: being talented through inherited qualities; "a natural leader"; "a born musician"; "an innate talent"

Definition: Having from birth (or as if from birth) a certain quality or character; innate; inherited.

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