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back medioposterior postcommissural uropygium buttock postsphenoid posterorolandic mediotergite adenoid endobasion cantholoreal postischial caudal posteriorward culdoplasty postcranium postmediastinal postern longissimus superoposterior opisthaptor arytenoid posthepatic postsplenic metagastric posteriors pituitrin postoral postcommissure retrohilar hinderling scapulocostal retromargin somatocoel parafascicular postsacral scutelliplantar disclusion postvertebral postero postperitoneal posterioanterior caudodistal postspinal mesosigmoid postuterine posterity posttracheal metapterygium subgenital postcentral postmedian posteroproximal succubously postganglionic bitewing cleithrum post posterolabial postsplenial platycoelian metacorpus hintend hypotarsus retroauricle sialometaplasia metabranchial uropod alar foramen postlumbar iliococcygeus apicoposterior postcranially hindward palatonaris metapode proximoposterior postcostal sinistroposterior gonion postoblongata auchenium telotrochal postlingual postzygapophysis artery of adamkiewicz postpyloric time postnasal bumper midposterior bamsee barreloid suboccipital centroposterior postcondylar urostyle postnarial posteriorize posteromedian retrognathia posterocortical succubous pituicyte telson biped pygal metasoma hindfin postcerebral postcloacal neurophysin body telotroch postmastoid buttocks postinfraorbital epley maneuver postpronotum object retral firmisternal distomolar posthippocampal postcubital rhizotomy opisthotic caudad asterion distoposterior pterion opisthosoma posterodorsolateral aftershaft posttibial incubous posteropalmar posteroventrolateral deutomerite glome posterior malleolus postnaris posterofrontal postmyocardial incubously lateroposterior abdominal fin opisthion postclavicular postzygodiapophyseal posteriorization enophthalmos hollow body position posteriority postaxial taxaspidean neurohypophysis arciferal posttarsal inferoposterior posteroexternal postlunate hind limb postspiracular posteriomedial quadruped behind abdomen iliosacralis axis retroperitoneoscopic postpharyngeal pycnaspidean postdentary postsutural opisthokont subdiscoidal metazonite adminiculum diplomyelia postulnar dorsoposterior wernicke's area posteriormost holaspidean postesophageal idiosoma uropyloric postbranchial postrhinal posteroventricular tail condylobasal posterolaterodorsal posteroanterior small saphenous vein postoccipital posthypophysis posteroparietal hepatoptosis ectospermalege order latissimus dorsi ventroposterior nonposterior pygo mucro choana posticous acetabulum trimalleolar sustentor anteroposterior dipygus mesioposterior lacinia opisthocoelous stichocyte metanephros synechia posthyoid backslab postcornu urohyal cisterna magna pars nervosa bicommissural posteroapical posteriad posteroventral stem posteriorparietal posterobuccal paracoxite antidiuretic hormone retropharynx metasternum profurcasternum lambdoid suture posteriorly cercopod rear postcaval curple pterygoid poststernal postpalatal notoplate postpubis parietal posthypostomal postsulcal towards herring body retrolisthesis backwing dorsal pulvinar posterolateral thong



back tooth posterior

Definition: a tooth situated at the back of the mouth

Definition: The hinder parts of the body.



Definition: located at or near or behind a part or near the end of a structure

later ulterior posterior

Definition: coming at a subsequent time or stage; "without ulterior argument"; "the mood posterior to"

Definition: Nearer the rear or hind end; nearer the caudal end of the body in quadrupeds or the dorsal end in bipeds.

Definition: Relating to or denoting presentation of a fetus in which the rear or caudal end is nearest the cervix and emerges first at birth.

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