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number two crowd chord thrice triangle four after after two count year cube tripod tribracteate playing card trijugate tri earthly branch ter three quarter ternary trigeminous tristimulus folie à trois trilevel terannual trisporous three legged trimorph triaxle trioecious threesomeness nauplius tristigmatic trivalvar trirhomboidal trisepalous podium fourth trimester triumvirate tricornute tricopter trivalently three wheeler alaska hand molossus trichotomous tricistronic isotrimorphism tripterous value tridented triquadrantal tercet melete oxygon triphonic phototrichromatic triphonemic triphasically trichotomize triosseal tristylous trisaccate terzetto triarchy subtriple pile triparted trigynous ternarily trimorphous triconsonantal tristichous trisinuate triskelion terdiurnal salicus three pronged polyatomic triennial tricamera trimembral trigrammatic tricameralism triglyphic tierce ternion trimerous terrathree trialist box trifoliolate tripetalous tris legomenon third sophomore triradiate polychloride malfatti circle threespine unit ship rigged triad three party system put to horn king crab triduan tripart trimensual triarticulate trisectoral sabin vaccine anisodactyly tridentated three horned triangle test troika tethera trigluon tricephalic trisomy 21 triverbal trey trichotomy orthotetrahedron trialism trinationally tricostate pip heptadiagonal threeness tridirectional tierced ternate qutrit triexponential ditrichotomous tricephalous trimeter threefold paeon threesome prile trilobal raquel welch triradial snark tern tridarn trimorphemic multichotomous length triannually polybromide tricornered trio threetangle trichromic tri quarter trivet trifarious tripedally trisyllabically tridirectionally appendix:cardinal numbers 0 to 9 trisomic triaugmented trisect trisyllabical tridiminished trionym triracial trifoliate retiercé triandrian triplicostate tether trinary star trinoctial tripetaloid years trivalvular trijunction tristable triplanetary jack benny february marine league tricoccous triflorous tripartient trimester tricorporal trirectangular trinational 3 threesies trigon consul compound duple threstle tricube tribonacci trimestrial tripersonal gangday trigram spoof threes triplot trisynaptic tergeminate triskele triseriate triunity tridigitate triparental pair of pants tricolor dreimorengesetz stafford knot tricarpous trigender three headed trilocular tricellular tripotent trial number trivertebral trilayered trigenous regu triple rinse bidigitate triglossia trispermous trialate triaxially trilabiate treble trilemma triplegia three eighths trifurcate triple bond mill tricolored tertiary trevet tripartible cardinal trisensory tricaudate triga numerical threeish tripartition hypervolume trithionic trialogue leash tripaschal triradius trispast trilayer tripedal triplet company one two sphere yard tablespoon few two four before before four degree circus fourth counting five statue trumpet easel burn dimension age tin matter turn art government gig pie dinner beauty wallet plug propeller for goal hospital song inch in triangle double date wall waltz wicket fifteen cone far bit cut integer ball kind poison half half six six



trey three

Definition: one of four playing cards in a deck having three pips

Definition: The digit/figure 3.


three 3 iii

Definition: being one more than two

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