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knife wound slice scissors action injury paste chop scissor sever laceration skin use slit bleeding incision snip slash small knife action knife wound stitch blood scrape knives crop scissor action small wound hurt do split use scissors sharp shear cease cullet file scissure grasscutting slice and dice cutterman bastard file cross snithe gash ratoon sawmill lop off outcut separate hot chisel fin gastroelytrotomy nick posthole culet edit rebate bandsaw adulterate close cropped uvulotomy bleeding time test hasp top round cadrans horizontal goniostat plain saw score table recut sheaf point gouge swing ironwort sideways association scene bump off smash cut microscalpel whank cuttable female genital mutilation magic asterisk glasscutting ignore stadda pit jigsaw takes overcut trank reduce lawn tennis incise vell foreshank sax interfere slasher toolstock jianzhi slish timber yard chopping board fine bat cope fretwork stop tendonectomy fruit salad golok becarve half haircut cut to pieces sack off secancy miscut desmic cheroot carve definition dop pencil skirt elbow scissors kirigami by wash bill cookie cutter brisket sectile body mutton flaps contest shape audio dilute lop nickings queue dimension melon baller snead hewn sickle remove flash cut snick cuttee corncutter boston butt measure off rye flake unseam middle rib puncture reap spurt hair styling exsect recision form muscle flick nail plate dawk transectioned cutset trilliant college scissile result keysmith faceter roundwood laminoplasty cutmark wedger scythe hairdressing salon footage log roast beef cube steak scissible playing card fast bowler griskin godet stovewood turkey tail mass air uncuttable knifeplay tape off briolette write spatchcock precut string trimmer quartersaw specksioneer avocado hand moulinet enter punchcutting forehew noncutting butteris bloodplay oxygen lance loin seismic line flanken top machine shop undercutter flamberge embryotomy pick dressing enchase ribroast enchisel loineye yarn batsman fat o clip shred skive fragmentize editing movement insection step on glasscutter dj snub carve up vertex orthotomic bit stonedresser chopped direction thyrotomy cutting chateaubriand standing rib carpetlayer loaf snig prime rib trisect self harm dull superconnected pare laryngotracheotomy hacksaw truncation cutthroat side tool oxtail cane knife rump chondrotome chive electrosurgery abridged lapidary log scaler scrag end cutwork piezosurgery sectility intersect exsection barber counterpunch cake slice perform cut off hanger steak finger tap song orthotomy rough hew neurotony hoe recording barong thermal lance pork belly gorget magic e woodpile navigation uncropped dimensional lumber copy axotomy diamond cutter raw haircutter shave ditch cracked wheat stub forerib pack instrument dismember iridectome utility knife coiffeur partition reject notch castrate former arbor crosscut clip sneck forcut commercial circumcised spin flank cd chuck rib die chamfer cut up trim logmaker uppercut geld abridge devil gumming twist drill undercut swoe heller myotomy ball dado v cut stroke jagged exscind cutter shape glass cutter backtime memory deposit facet blade slashed cutline bitstock behead insecable xylotomous keyseat dehorner hesitation wound spread cheese wire layer impart record vaginotomy becut divide incisure student bow skirt steak rimmer adzework primal swive slab splice edit deflect foolscap setter incisory crosscut saw brusher share whip mush chop up graph top rake dice cutproof scarify steak knife pastrami stonecutter backward lithoglyptics forecut tri tip laryngotomy cater frenotomy match cut rescind scissorable gullet budge portion filler barbering bulk scarp cottage bacon skein feature round divorced lose shag disengage celotomy breast up uncut hairdresser officer microtome shredded pastry wheel cigar cutter cutaway chainsaw hairstyle boo boo saw fillet french pork loin whittle overcutter unscissored sidemeat paravane section ultramicrotome inscribe switchblade diagonal slabber trench cut machete noncut straightedge prior transection navigable diamantaire lithotome furrow cork borer rib bisect brilliant syringotomy breastplough compass saw motherlode hamstring tough roadcut dissect ileotomy dag corporate anorexia graft cutwidth malahack skiver bioptome toolpost saddle with knife like stump nip painful slicing scissors action paper use knife mark scissors do and paste break open function job scratch separating separation severe purpose knife function splitting using scissors using open wound line slice wound scar knife damage damage like slice wood knife purpose knifes knife job bloody deep sliced division sore tear knife result copy paste hair knife slice with scissors lacerate pain timber knife injury small injury knife mark slice skin like slash mince dissection tax board activity knife activity motion tearing apart apart tearing skin wound human human body related splitting things painful injury skin laceration wrists scrapes partner director yells yells director partner scrapes edges scissor mark hurt self self knives do shorten scissor incision finger sore abrasion booboo by knife scissoring minor minor wound effect sharp mark scissors effect deep scrape hurtful draw blood chop slice draw act scissor act breaking incises would separating things scar cause cause scissored be sharp hurt computer term computer term bleeding wound scissor related deep wound violence snip sever snip slice slice open scissors result slice dice injury wound little little wound shark knife gash cake up slice up crew di di sect sect knife use diamond reduction excise lumber small hurt slit chop stop filming filming band band aid aid stitches sometimes stitches sometimes hair action halve bleeding scratch neuter paper wound like snip wounds move scissors move it hurts hurts chop lacerate hair trim void lean bandage three maim straight line escape straight scuttle fight knife fight stab barbers scissoring action per bleeding finger skin slit divide scissors knife behavior sharp incision chopping behavior slicing motion scissors knives scissor purpose related breaking scissor function scissors job causing scissor snip slice injury skin opening scissors knife hand slice directors yell sharp injury breaking things hand opening causing bleeding yell painful gash scissors knifes directors graze severance edge slash blade operation hairstylist slide paper gash rip knife slash shorten hair hammer subtract action knife slide slice rip knife usage usage scissor job food slice food gash injury subtract tell tell me




Definition: a share of the profits; "everyone got a cut of the earnings"


Definition: (film) an immediate transition from one shot to the next; "the cut from the accident scene to the hospital seemed too abrupt"

cut gash

Definition: a trench resembling a furrow that was made by erosion or excavation


Definition: a step on some scale; "he is a cut above the rest"

cut gash slash slice

Definition: a wound made by cutting; "he put a bandage over the cut"

cut cut of meat

Definition: a piece of meat that has been cut from an animal carcass

stinger cut

Definition: a remark capable of wounding mentally; "the unkindest cut of all"

cut track

Definition: a distinct selection of music from a recording or a compact disc; "he played the first cut on the cd"; "the title track of the album"

deletion excision cut

Definition: the omission that is made when an editorial change shortens a written passage; "an editor's deletions frequently upset young authors"; "both parties agreed on the excision of the proposed clause"


Definition: the style in which a garment is cut; "a dress of traditional cut"


Definition: a canal made by erosion or excavation

snub cut cold shoulder

Definition: a refusal to recognize someone you know; "the snub was clearly intentional"

baseball swing swing cut

Definition: in baseball; a batter's attempt to hit a pitched ball; "he took a vicious cut at the ball"

cut undercut

Definition: (sports) a stroke that puts reverse spin on the ball; "cuts do not bother a good tennis player"

cut cutting

Definition: the division of a deck of cards before dealing; "he insisted that we give him the last cut before every deal"; "the cutting of the cards soon became a ritual"

cut cutting

Definition: the act of penetrating or opening open with a sharp edge; "his cut in the lining revealed the hidden jewels"

cut cutting

Definition: the act of cutting something into parts; "his cuts were skillful"; "his cutting of the cake made a terrible mess"

cut cutting cutting off

Definition: the act of shortening something by chopping off the ends; "the barber gave him a good cut"


Definition: the act of reducing the amount or number; "the mayor proposed extensive cuts in the city budget"


Definition: an unexcused absence from class; "he was punished for taking too many cuts in his math class"

Definition: The act of cutting.



Definition: separate with or as if with an instrument; "Cut the rope"

reduce cut down cut back trim trim down trim back cut bring down

Definition: cut down on; make a reduction in; "reduce your daily fat intake"; "The employer wants to cut back health benefits"

swerve sheer curve trend veer slue slew cut

Definition: turn sharply; change direction abruptly; "The car cut to the left at the intersection"; "The motorbike veered to the right"


Definition: make an incision or separation; "cut along the dotted line"


Definition: discharge from a group; "The coach cut two players from the team"


Definition: form by probing, penetrating, or digging; "cut a hole"; "cut trenches"; "The sweat cut little rivulets into her face"

cut tailor

Definition: style and tailor in a certain fashion; "cut a dress"


Definition: hit (a ball) with a spin so that it turns in the opposite direction; "cut a Ping-Pong ball"

write out issue make out cut

Definition: make out and issue; "write out a check"; "cut a ticket"; "Please make the check out to me"

edit cut edit out

Definition: cut and assemble the components of; "edit film"; "cut recording tape"

cut skip

Definition: intentionally fail to attend; "cut class"

hack cut

Definition: be able to manage or manage successfully; "I can't hack it anymore"; "she could not cut the long days in the office"


Definition: give the appearance or impression of; "cut a nice figure"


Definition: move (one's fist); "his opponent cut upward toward his chin"


Definition: pass directly and often in haste; "We cut through the neighbor's yard to get home sooner"


Definition: pass through or across; "The boat cut the water"


Definition: make an abrupt change of image or sound; "cut from one scene to another"


Definition: stop filming; "cut a movie scene"


Definition: make a recording of; "cut the songs"; "She cut all of her major titles again"


Definition: record a performance on (a medium); "cut a record"

cut burn

Definition: create by duplicating data; "cut a disk"; "burn a CD"


Definition: form or shape by cutting or incising; "cut paper dolls"


Definition: perform or carry out; "cut a caper"


Definition: function as a cutting instrument; "This knife cuts well"


Definition: allow incision or separation; "This bread cuts easily"


Definition: divide a deck of cards at random into two parts to make selection difficult; "Wayne cut"; "She cut the deck for a long time"

switch off cut turn off turn out

Definition: cause to stop operating by disengaging a switch; "Turn off the stereo, please"; "cut the engine"; "turn out the lights"


Definition: reap or harvest; "cut grain"


Definition: fell by sawing; hew; "The Vietnamese cut a lot of timber while they occupied Cambodia"


Definition: penetrate injuriously; "The glass from the shattered windshield cut into her forehead"

ignore disregard snub cut

Definition: refuse to acknowledge; "She cut him dead at the meeting"


Definition: shorten as if by severing the edges or ends of; "cut my hair"

cut prune rationalize rationalise

Definition: weed out unwanted or unnecessary things; "We had to lose weight, so we cut the sugar from our diet"


Definition: dissolve by breaking down the fat of; "soap cuts grease"


Definition: have a reducing effect; "This cuts into my earnings"

cut cut off

Definition: cease, stop; "cut the noise"; "We had to cut short the conversation"

abridge foreshorten abbreviate shorten cut contract reduce

Definition: reduce in scope while retaining essential elements; "The manuscript must be shortened"

dilute thin thin out reduce cut

Definition: lessen the strength or flavor of a solution or mixture; "cut bourbon"


Definition: have grow through the gums; "The baby cut a tooth"


Definition: grow through the gums; "The new tooth is cutting"

geld cut

Definition: cut off the testicles (of male animals such as horses); "the vet gelded the young horse"

Definition: To incise, to cut into the surface of something.

Definition: To perform an incision on, for example with a knife.



Definition: separated into parts or laid open or penetrated with a sharp edge or instrument; "the cut surface was mottled"; "cut tobacco"; "blood from his cut forehead"; "bandages on her cut wrists"


Definition: fashioned or shaped by cutting; "a well-cut suit"; "cut diamonds"; "cut velvet"

cut shortened

Definition: with parts removed; "the drastically cut film"

trimmed cut

Definition: made neat and tidy by trimming; "his neatly trimmed hair"

mown cut

Definition: (used of grass or vegetation) cut down with a hand implement or machine; "the smell of newly mown hay"


Definition: (of pages of a book) having the folds of the leaves trimmed or slit; "the cut pages of the book"

cut emasculated gelded

Definition: (of a male animal) having the testicles removed; "a cut horse"

cut slashed

Definition: (used of rates or prices) reduced usually sharply; "the slashed prices attracted buyers"

cut thinned weakened

Definition: mixed with water; "sold cut whiskey"; "a cup of thinned soup"

Definition: Having been cut.

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