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Definition: a mixture of wet clay and sand that can be used to line a pond and that is impervious to water when dry

pool puddle

Definition: a small body of standing water (rainwater) or other liquid; "there were puddles of muddy water in the road after the rain"; "the body lay in a pool of blood"

pool puddle

Definition: something resembling a pool of liquid; "he stood in a pool of light"; "his chair sat in a puddle of books and magazines"

Definition: A small, often temporary, pool of water, usually on a path or road.



Definition: wade or dabble in a puddle; "The ducks and geese puddled in the backyard"


Definition: subject to puddling or form by puddling; "puddle iron"


Definition: dip into mud before planting; "puddle young plants"


Definition: work a wet mixture, such as concrete or mud


Definition: mess around, as in a liquid or paste; "The children are having fun puddling in paint"

muddle puddle

Definition: make into a puddle; "puddled mire"


Definition: make a puddle by splashing water

addle muddle puddle

Definition: mix up or confuse; "He muddled the issues"

Definition: To form a puddle.

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