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church big building large big church catholic large church city huge fancy gothic worship very high steeple religious cities huge church spire castle catholic church fancy church old dome diocese canon choir organ cathedrals subchanter consistory consuetudinary cathedral close choir school collegiate church bishop principal duomo procathedral see pavement ambulatory parvis chancellor cathedralesque lichfield archdiocese wells prebendary cathedrallike cathedralic visitor clerestory provost archbishop canonry chapter house throne slype termite sacrist cathedral city precentor dean and chapter westminster abbey succentor episcopal place arches church building grand chapel religious building stained stained glass glass architecture ceiling grand church st spires europe towers rome very large gothic architecture praying religion like giant church giant steeples large building bishops high church really really big worship place windows cat st peters peters tall old church large chapel size prayer italy big building pope religious place mass weddings city church ceilings high ceilings big cities fancy building high ceiling pews grandeur st peter peter large city pointed pointed arches house christianity like church worship house historic historic building church like gothic church cardinals cardinals church bishops church roman roman catholic big windows big arches saint patrick saint patrick very big church place bell tower bell tower pray walls jesus bishops worship type church type immense immense church something ceiling enormous style enormous church ceiling style part church part beautiful beautiful church huge chapel holy holy castle bells grandiose priests temple very old archbishops very high massive christian praying christian vatican chapel church priest state state weddings gargoyles great architecture very fancy great old cities very tall small small castle music cross big chapel stone catholic services winchester services catholic wedding wedding many people people basilica drill cat drill withdrawal inspecting inspecting tool tool worship building




Definition: any large and important church

cathedral duomo

Definition: the principal Christian church building of a bishop's diocese

Definition: A big church building, central place for some area.



Definition: relating to or containing or issuing from a bishop's office or throne; "a cathedral church"

Definition: Relating to the throne or the see of a bishop.

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