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supernumerary spear carrier extra

Definition: a minor actor in crowd scenes


Definition: an additional edition of a newspaper (usually to report a crisis)

extra duplicate

Definition: something additional of the same kind; "he always carried extras in case of an emergency"

Definition: Something additional, such as an item above and beyond the ordinary school curriculum, or added to the usual charge on a bill.


excess extra redundant spare supererogatory superfluous supernumerary surplus

Definition: more than is needed, desired, or required; "trying to lose excess weight"; "found some extra change lying on the dresser"; "yet another book on heraldry might be thought redundant"; "skills made redundant by technological advance"; "sleeping in the spare room"; "supernumerary ornamentation"; "it was supererogatory of her to gloat"; "delete superfluous (or unnecessary) words"; "extra ribs as well as other supernumerary internal parts"; "surplus cheese distributed to the needy"

extra special

Definition: added to a regular schedule; "a special holiday flight"; "put on special buses for the big game"

extra additional

Definition: further or added; "called for additional troops"; "need extra help"; "an extra pair of shoes"

Definition: Beyond what is due, usual, expected, or necessary; extraneous; additional; supernumerary.



Definition: unusually or exceptionally; "an extra fast car"

Definition: To an extraordinary degree.

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