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kick boot kicking

Definition: the act of delivering a blow with the foot; "he gave the ball a powerful kick"; "the team's kicking was excellent"

bang boot charge rush flush thrill kick

Definition: the swift release of a store of affective force; "they got a great bang out of it"; "what a boot!"; "he got a quick rush from injecting heroin"; "he does it for kicks"

recoil kick

Definition: the backward jerk of a gun when it is fired

gripe kick beef bitch squawk

Definition: informal terms for objecting; "I have a gripe about the service here"


Definition: the sudden stimulation provided by strong drink (or certain drugs); "a sidecar is a smooth drink but it has a powerful kick"

kick kicking

Definition: a rhythmic thrusting movement of the legs as in swimming or calisthenics; "the kick must be synchronized with the arm movements"; "the swimmer's kicking left a wake behind him"

Definition: A hit or strike with the leg, foot or knee.



Definition: drive or propel with the foot


Definition: thrash about or strike out with the feet


Definition: strike with the foot; "The boy kicked the dog"; "Kick the door down"


Definition: kick a leg up

kick back recoil kick

Definition: spring back, as from a forceful thrust; "The gun kicked back into my shoulder"

kick give up

Definition: stop consuming; "kick a habit"; "give up alcohol"


Definition: make a goal; "He kicked the extra point after touchdown"

complain kick plain sound off quetch kvetch

Definition: express complaints, discontent, displeasure, or unhappiness; "My mother complains all day"; "She has a lot to kick about"

Definition: To strike or hit with the foot or other extremity of the leg.

Definition: To die.

Definition: To be emphatically excellent.

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